Sunday, October 21, 2012

Reversible Headbands: multiple choices

     Did you ever wear a headband, or do you have a friend who loves them? I wanted to give granddaughter Erika, seldom seen without a headband, a surprise of more headbands and a chance to design them. Finding grosgrain ribbons about an inch wide was easy. Finding plain headbands (with no teeth) was not so easy. I tried drugstores and department stores.
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            The last time I was in NYC, I stopped at M&J Trimming on 6th Avenue. They and my local Ben Franklin carry a variety of ribbons. Down the street on 6th Avenue, at Fun to Bead or another bead store,  I located the perfect size headbands. These are black which could show through lighter ribbons. At M&J I found white bands, but they graduate in size to larger in the middle, bigger than the ribbons I bought. You only need one headband since the reversible covers slip easily on and off. I used the black.

on the subway in Manhattan...headband with ears on Erika

      I cut the ribbons to about 15.5 inches long and sewed each 1/4" down at ends to the wrong side. I did this to two ribbons. Then, wrong sides together, I sewed the edges with invisible thread just on the long sides leaving the ends open. Sew easy for grandmother fun. I made three quickly and will let Erika design the rest, choosing which two ribbons to sew together.


  1. As usual, your clever inventiveness blows me away! This makes me wish that my granddaughter was still addicted to headbands, as she once was! She is not now so addicted, sadly! You could be awarded Grandma of the Year for this one and all the other ingenious crafts you devise for your grandchildren!

  2. I agree with Alice about your "ingenious crafts" for your grandchildren. What fun for them - and what fun for YOU! ss

  3. I've never seen 3 more darling kids. The headbands are darling, too.

  4. What a clever grandmother! The ribbons are wonderful and will make such neat headbands. Love seeing the children in a fun pose. They are really growing up!

  5. What a great idea! I am going to send this idea to my friend who has 4 granddaughters. Take care, nancy

  6. I especially like the headbands...Too clever! Will be on the lookout for some "no-teethed' plastic ones.
    Thanks for sharing your genius with me. RAH