Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ladder Bracelets: all wrapped up

      People love the wrap ladder bracelets by Chan Luu the jewelry fashion designer. Some of the bracelets are long and wrap the wrist numerous times. Others might be a single wrap.

      There are a variety of instructions on-line at YouTube and otherwise. My friend DJ Downer taught me an easy way to make the ladder bracelets and where to buy the 1.5 mm Greek leather lace and the 6 lb size D Fireline in Crystal and Smoke. The latter is used for sewing back and forth between each bead 3 times. I got my buttons at Ben Franklin and secured all knots with a precision tip cement (I used Elmer's glue).

      You can use pearls, large seed beads, or flat stones.You can work secured to a board as one did in macrame, but Donna Jean taught me the meditative pleasure of just stitching while holding in my hand. Once around is enough, I think.

       Joe is not crazy about the leather look on me, but they are very popular, especially among young people. I could even conceive of a masculine look. Click to enlarge.


  1. VERY pretty! I am always in awe of the great variety of crafts that you are involved in. Tell Joe you want to be more "with it" and wear it! I know my granddaughter would love one of these. I would have to watch a You Tube on making these, though, to really "get" how they're made. But I have these big jars of old buttons I bought at a junk store, and...... Tempting, but where would I work making these into my schedule????

  2. Those are really interesting! I'm not quite sure how to make them, but I'm going to check it out. Thanks for exploring "new" things like this & sharing it with all of us! :-)

  3. I like 'em. Wish I were as crafty as you. I'm exclusively a word spinner.

    Wear whatever you want. We've earned it. I always said you had to be old or tall to wear the heavy New Mexican jewelry. I haven't gotten any taller, but I wear it all the time these days.

  4. I bet Hannah and Erika would love wearing those bracelets. Are they still too young to make some bracelets themselves?

    1. They make all sorts of bracelets, but this one is probably more challenging. Hannah could make it if she wanted to and if I sat down to show her how. You could as well.