Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holiday break, nothing broken!

       Son Jim in NYC turned over his pristine home to Joe, me, Farley the dog, and our three grandchildren. Colin bought a big tree. He decorated and loaded the underside with presents left for us, their guests. This was entertainment for Christmas Eve, while Santa's gifts were opened the next day. We had the darlings for three days and two nights all by ourselves.

Click on photos to enlarge 
       Some of the activities I had available for back-up you can see on the table:
Snowmen from Art Girls to glue together and embellish, a tablet of Melissa and Doug drawing paper, Melissa and Doug sturdy crayons (no paint with white everything to sit on) and a gingerbread/candy train to construct. Since it is a tradition for each child to decorate his own tree back in Boston, we had to rely on Christmas tree sticker books from Dover which each child decorated in his own way.

Jolly juniors

          When I suggested a movie, Hannah said, "LinLin, this is a time we all want to be together, not running around all over town!"  I am for that, although Joe and I enjoyed seeing the store decorations and the dancing Salvation Army men before the children arrived. Joe had picked up Home Alone 1 and 2 for soporific emergency movies.
Snowmen, trees to decorate, crayons/tablets
          In the next to final photo (with Santa in front) enlarge to see the snowmen the children left behind on the mantle to which they added copious notes of gratitude for the hosts. Also, check out the dancing Salvation Army men who doubtless doubled their donations by their joy and enthusiasm.
Gingerbread train

Mantle of gratitude


  1. What a joyful holiday! And a mighty creative grandmother. Fun all the way.

  2. Oh my, I can't believe how organized you were! All looks like much fun. Super deluxe pictures.

  3. How delightful and beautiful and totally fun for everyone! The location was perfect (and gorgeous)and the company was "the best." So glad all of you had a marvelous time! Thanks to one neat grandmother who planned everything so thoughtfully and beautifully.

  4. The pictures are terrific! The dancing Salvation Army man is priceless. You two are marvelous grandparents and the grands are darling.

  5. May I be your grandchild in my next life? :)
    You had an idyllic Christmas ---beauty, EVERYWHERE, including the kiddos and Farley. What a fun, memorable time for all of you -- and Beth and Bill had a little time to themselves too. What a HAPPY time for all! ss