Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fleece blankets: a security craft

   The grandchildren are moving four hours away and staying with us a week during the move. We engaged in many crafts. While at Ben Franklin picking up gimp for lanyards, Erika spotted a special sample no-sew, easy-tie fleece blanket.
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    Already having spent enough on crafts, we got a half yard of the duck fabric and a half yard for the backing. When we got home I cut the fleece in two and each child decided what she wanted to do with it. Erika wanted a blanket as big as she could make with her piece and Hannah wanted to split hers for a pillow and a smaller blanket.
      For Erika's we squared off the fabric, cut out 4-inch square pieces from each corner and then cut 1/2" x 4" strips to be tied into a half knots. We found that if we tied the knots right on the board just after cutting, it was less confusing.
                       For Hannah's blanket, since it would be smaller, we cut out 3" square corners, rotary cut the 1/2" x 3" strips with great care. This was a good lesson in learning how to square up fabrics, measure, plan in general. For the edges of the pillow, a pinking rotary blade added interest. A stitch was made on the outside, about one inch away from the edge, leaving an opening for polyfil. Hannah stuffed and then the sewing machine stitched up the stuffing hole, right on top.Very cheerful results.
      Here you see they have their sewing kits loaded with tools and a basket overflowing with their stash. Hopefully they have enough sewing know-how to continue their art :*) in their new home. Hopefully the duck fleece blanket will hold Erika until her security blankets, left behind here, make it back to her.


  1. Wonderful pictures, precious children, fabulous grandparents = a loving and very special time for all!

  2. Love the blankets; love the kids. Each granddaughter had her own plan. No followers here! Wonderful!

  3. YIPPEE for all concerned. As I have said many times, You and Joe are SUPER grandparents. You will love visiting back and forth, and 4 1/2 hours is just about right, most of the time. SWEET FAMILY ! ss

  4. What a great job these young sewers did with their last project before moving! I am greatly relieved that Erika will have a security blanket, brand new, to hold her until her old ones get back to her. The photos are charming. This visit will, no doubt, be long remembered by all the "grands"!

  5. If I enter my second childhood, will you be my grandmother? What wonderful fun!