Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Roundup Time: a Moving journal quilt

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    The grandchildren recently moved four hours from us. We were able to assist by keeping a 7, 5 and 2 for a week. Hannah learned to cross-stitch. They drew, painted, wove lanyards and worked on a journal quilt with me. Joe the saint, played with them in the pool almost daily. Crafts and swimming are symbolized on this background of not tears, but lots of water splashing.
     The vehicles stand for the many rides to the pool and Joe's driving the little angels and Emmit their dog to their new home. At the end and the beginning, the grands had been so well prepared for the move that the giraffe security blanket, left behind, has not been missed. Ooops, I free-motion added Hannah, Erika, David, Joe and LinLin's name to the quilt with Summer 2011...but forgot both dogs, Emmit and Farley. The names are barely visible but I wanted to record.
      Perhaps I could have added more interest to the quilt by framing or projecting the memories trompe l'oeil. Once again, I used the half-century old hem binder.


  1. It captures your week so well - crafts, lots of pool time, and just the pleasure of having all of you together right before that will no longer be so easy. How wonderful it's been to hear that the move has gone so beautifully and that the grands have felt at home almost immediately. You all enabled that transition to go oh so much more smoothly than it might have. Hugs to both of you!

  2. What a memory maker your time together, and now, this quilt is a memory keeper.

  3. I can just feel the splashes. I'm a little sad about the giraffe blanket. What will you do with it? You and Joe have had a wonderful and exhausting time. Now you need a good rest, but we'll ALL miss your adventures with the grands.
    Of course, there'll be lots of visits....

  4. Very cute journal quilt, with as usual clever fabric choices.

  5. Someday, the grands are going to fight over this little journal quilt! WONDERFUL!

  6. Love your wish to record a special time! beautiful!
    So great to meet you at lunch today at Mancuso!

  7. Linda, this quilt is a sweet reminder of all that happened while you and Joe kept all three grands during the move . I love the picture of Erika swimming! ss