Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vineyard Landscapes: a future journal quilt

   If Martha's Vineyard survived the hurricane, my beading friends and I will go to the island for our annual retreat. We each take a surprise craft to busy our hands at downtime. In the past, we have beaded glasses, flatware and tops of tins, decorated candles, cards and felt flowers, put our world in a bottle of sand. But this time, I could not think of a single craft I was interested in. I went to the fabric store for inspiration and bought too much work.
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     In art you find good things happen from mistakes. I have decided we will fuse and stitch individual landscape quilts. When you teach, you learn. I made white cardboard frames, 10"x 10" on the outside and 8" x 8" on the inside, so each beader can design within limits. I ironed Wonder Under to 10 pieces of color for each of the six of us; and all that is needed is to iron the shapes we cut out onto the background piece.
     I also cut larger "sand" backing (the bottom piece) that can fold over the sides to bind the mini-quilts when the quilting is finished. The second sand piece up in the photo is the background to which the beaders will fashion and fuse their cut-outs with an iron:  grass, foliage, trees, rocks, sand, sea, sky, people, umbrellas...wherever inspiration leads. The background with their toppings will be spray-basted or pinned to the batting which I cut for each artist; and decorative stitching can begin for accents and interest. 
     For a design, the beaders can go abstract, look at watercolors of a Vineyard scene they have painted from the window, follow a favorite Vineyard photo, or work from their imagination. I might hint at the hurricane. I can't wait to see what they will do. In the meantime, I need to gather fabric scissors, needles and thread, pins, embroidery thread and needles, sketch paper and permanent markers. The ladies should have beads on hand to further embellish.

Note:  August 27 and Sept 4,  2011 blogs for other get-away bead crafts. Click bead in Labels and scroll down.


  1. Love these. Turning you loose in a fabric store is like turning me loose in a book store. Dangerous territory.

  2. I love Trilla's comment and include myself in her bookstore :). I would love to be with you beaders tomorrow and have you there to coach me as I work on my project. I hope you will show us pictures of the finished products. ss

  3. I can ditto ss's comment! It would be so much fun to be with you and the beaders as you have fun with this project. I know they will all love it! I think you've come up with a super plan!

  4. Your chosen colors are beautiful. I can't wait to see what all of you crafters do with your project. I also would love to be a part of this group. It sounds like so much fun.

  5. The fabrics you've chosen, the frames you've made, the other items you've collected to make it all come together are amazing! What a treat for your friends. Can't wait to hear all about it AND see pictures. Enjoy both the time you all will spend together and the various projects each will bring.