Sunday, July 24, 2011

Myopia mealtime: a lovely day

   This morning, graphic weather reports suggested rain and lightening, and a cancellation of the polo match at Myopia. After two 100 degree days I was not too excited about sitting in the sun for 5 hours at an outdoor gathering and polo match. And last night we had picked up Stilton and Brie, crackers and wine, grapes, cherries and an apricot almond tart as well as two green chairs to sit by our car on the edge of the polo field.

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     However, optimistic Joe went to the attic for our seldom used (these days) picnic baskets and I found in one, outdoor gear collected/created for one of my TV segments on The Good Day show, back in the 80s.  I had appliqued a tablecloth with what I think is called Ripstop nylon. Not only was this lightweight waterproof "tablecloth," all set, folded up neatly in a little bag of the same color, but a Swiss Army knife was also there with its wine opener and other helpers. How handy this is to have and I am ready for more picnics. I wanted to share my find with you. Granted, it was not as fancy as the champagne buckets and real flowers at other tables.



  1. What a delightful find! So glad you rediscovered it, and so glad you ended up going to what turned out to be a superlatively delightful event.

  2. A touch of England in New England ! Fabulous getting ready and delightful event ! ss

  3. Lovely! Lovely! Beautiful, clever tablecloth. Now I want your club to have a match with William and Harry on board. Next time you can bring your own little table. A touch of the jet set.

  4. Elegance squared. Picnic more!