Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Brave Robin: a July Journal Quilt

    April showers bring May flowers, but in July, Joe's watering plants encouraged a guest who likes to play in the sprinklers.
     A long weekend prompted Joe to purchase some more plants and to keep his earlier efforts alive. Every morn he waters the hanging gardens and other hopefuls; and every morning this skinny robin pads right up to be sprayed. Today Robin Redbreast brought a friend who was not so bold. The sparrows are equally interested to run through the rain but they keep their distance.
click on photo to enlarge
   This is my fifth journal quilt on the theme of Beginnings...in this case, beginning the day. I found the bird print and the batik that looked like sprayed water at JoAnne's. I fused the square to the batik and then machine-blanket-quilted around three sides with a zigzag at the top. What to do for the hose, I wondered, late at night. I looked in a drawer and found some yellow piping which I first basted in place and then machine stitched. Next, I cut close to the stitching so I probably should find some fray stopper for greater security. For the hose nozzle, I again used three widths of zig zagging. I sew with gray thread and use Sharpie permanent markers to blend on both sides. For the binding I fused on strips of fabric and then secured with stitching.
     I probably should get out some of my bead drops to sprinkle over the piece for water. Where as I spend only two hours on my 8" x 8" journal quilts, these 12" x 12" pieces are bigger and seem more serious. I haven't decided how much time to spend on something due every fortnight.


  1. I have a big black crow who loves my puddles. I'm getting fond of her.
    I love the fun creativity of your quilts. A hose nozzle from gray thread and Sharpie. Too cool. I'd like to see the sparkle raindrops.

  2. This is a perfect quilt for the robin, the hose, and the water! As always, you've captured a moment and brought it alive for all of us. We love the birds who continually come for the food we put out - a variety of finches, jays, doves, sometimes a huge pigeon, hummingbirds, and mockingbirds, and the proverbial sparrows.

  3. This is truly a beautiful quilt! You manage to find pretty fabrics as JoAnn's, and admittedly, my favorite "water" batik was from there. But we don't have a Super JoAnn's as you do! If you don't have it, you need to get a couching foot for your machine. Then you can feed something like the piping through this foot, meanwhile stitching over it. NOT that you didn't do super job with this, but it would just be easier. I am going to get friend Judy to order me a couching foot for my Bernina; she works at the Temple Bernina store. Anyway, love this quilt! When I got out to water our thirsty plants before the sun peeks over the roofs to our back, I hear and see a little female robin who obviously as a nest nearby, but I've not discovered where. She sings to me all the time I am out there; no doubt really warning me to stay away!

  4. I like the idea of adding bead drops though the robin is SET as he is. I noticed your robin is skinny, unlike most of the robins in our yard. We often refer to a "big, fat robin" we see hopping around happily . I love this summery journal quilt. Thanks.ss

  5. I can't add much to all these lovely comments. I enjoyed your story about Joe and the robin, and I love your robin quilt. If you sprinkle the bead drops, you'll need to show the quilt again.

  6. I love your bird journal quilt. It's beautiful.

  7. Very nice, I like the idea of a journal quilt.