Monday, July 18, 2011

Busy Beads

    This is my birthday week and it has started off colorfully. Joe and I drove Hannah up to see the wonderful John Marin* show at the Portland Museum of Art.
      On the drive, I was able to bead almost all the cherries atop my 12" x 12" birthday quilt. I have a few to go. And at beading a few days before, I was able to add the berries on the bird's tree as well as suggest rather pitiful water coming from the hose.
Click to enlarge
      I have the children's going-away parties to journal about, as well as events scheduled for this week. Maybe tomorrow or the next day I can post what the kids and I made after my Accuquilt heart and flower dies arrived. Stay tuned. Share the fun art/crafting.
     *I am enjoying reading the catalog/monograph John Marin: Modernism at Mid-Century


  1. I hope you meant DYES or this filler will be disappointing and the anticipation of the hearts and flowers will not be the same :) . ss

  2. The birthday quilt is a perfect way to celebrate a special occasion that I think all of us should commemorate in some very special way. Kudos to you! Love the berries on the bird's tree. Now I'll wait to see the results of Accuquilt and the new dyes.

  3. Linda, the added beads just make two outstanding quilts even better! That bird might well be my favorite so far, though I say that so often, it begins to sound like a broken record. But truly, love the beading on these! Our guild speaker last night was a bead seller and crazy quilt artist and it was such a good program, so I have beads on my mind. How fun to read this post this morning where beads play a bit part!

  4. Linda, I agree with Alice about this bird quilt as a favorite. It has everything -- beauty most of all, to me. 'Sorry if I was wrong about the die/dye spelling. What do I know ! :) - ss

  5. Love the cherries. Love the beads. You're in a groove! Congratulations!