Monday, September 20, 2010

Guests Coming/Changing Leaves: a journal quilt

(click to enlarge)
   The leaves are changing and we, ourselves, are turning over. For 41 years in this house we (I should say "I," since my husband is methodical and  does not accumulate) have paid more attention to creating and turning the house into a factory, rather than maintaining tidiness and order. Also, there are the grandchildren and their toys and disorder. So it was with both excitement and horror that I received the news FOUR beloved relatives were driving across the country to view the leaves and to stay with us for a WEEK, right away! Egads. Paths must be made and some upkeep attended to.
    Out came the paintbrushes and hammers. The big toss and reorganization began. Of course there is no way to create the comfort our guests are accustomed to, but I am thrilled to have the motivation to start to straighten every room in the house, reorganize and rediscover, however limited. I am an evening person, but I was up early this morn at 6:30 and made this journal quilt by 8, before breakfast.
    I had the background and was puzzled what to include besides books flying, magazines tossed. I pulled Joe in to look at my stash. At first he asked if I had Munch's Scream in fabric. Then he found the Cars fabric and the skeletons and suggested I add the hammer and paint brush. I wish I had time to sew some beads on the headlights and to the leaves in the trees.


  1. How well you have captured your last few weeks! As I've kept up with your tossing, reorganizing, and Joe's repainting etc. etc., I have wondered HOW Linda was going to encompass all of that in a journal quilt. Well, you did it!

  2. Great commentary on your life right now. How exciting that they're coming & how wonderful that you will all be together. With the rain you've had, the leaves should be beautiful. Enjoy all of it!

  3. This is your cutest and cleverest journal quilt yet! The colors, the skeleton and YOU, too cute. I loved Joe's comment about Munch.

  4. Just PERFECT --- how did I miss looking at this wonderful illustration of your "doings?" It is just ideal, as always.