Friday, September 10, 2010

Island Getaway: a journal quilt

     The beader's getaway to Martha's Vineyard was for only three days, but I was shocked how relaxed I was after such a short time, absolutely forgetting all that I had on my plate to do. Hopefully I can remember that feeling and call it forth when needed. Maybe this journal quilt should have been about all I filmed there for my little movie, or about the craft I took to share (it's failure, despite my good planning). For the journal quilt, however, I singled out that special moment where I realized I was SO relaxed. Note: Usually I sew with white thread only, and take an extra fine Sharpie of appropriate color to go over colored areas. I forgot to get out my blue Sharpies for this piece before photographing, but did remember on the postcards.

   While I had the sewing machine out today, I made and took to the Post Office three fabric postcards. I sent the postcard of the dollhouse to another Alice whom the beaders visited yesterday. We saw a myriad of doll houses Alice created over the years. I was especially taken by the Rennie Macintosh room, and returned home to get out a book of his watercolors and to look for pictures of his windows at Google Images to mail to Alice.  I mailed the Seurat fabric postcard to an ill friend who is a fabulous painter. The postcard with the basket with Toto is a thank you for a Nantucket beading tray basket.
    You remember I cut the address side, front and batting, each of the three pieces, to 4 1/2" x 6 1/2". I put the batting on the bottom and the good sides of the back and front together and stitch 1/4" all around except for a 2" opening at one end so one can turn inside out (the pillowcase method). Clip the corners, turn, iron and stitch around one more time 1/8" around. I love making these; and so far, they have all arrived via our Post Office in perfect shape!


  1. Love these postcards - must try one myself! Your journal quilt looks soooooooo relaxing zzzzzz

  2. The journal quilt is so refreshing. The blue sea, the blue sky, clouds, and the floating girl. Love it! I'm going to try a fabric postcard, too. Wonder where to start.

  3. I like the look of the white thread on the journal quilt! It makes the clouds etc. stand out even more. The fabric postcards are really attractive and so appropriate! I want you to tell me where you got the Seurat fabric and the cute little girl and house one! Good work!

  4. I got the Seurat fabric at Ben Franklin, the girl and house in Concord. The basket fabric is a Wizard of Oz fabric from NYC, the City Quilter.