Saturday, September 4, 2010

Beaded Boxes: a get-away craft

   Making my little Flip movies and taking off for the beaders' fun-filled island getaway have made me tardy to get to this blog. To buy some time I am posting one of the crafts we played with on an early sojourn. (click to enlarge to see the beaded boxes in more detail)

   Gather together some tin boxes such as those Altoids come in, a bag of glass seed beads and a variety of some larger sparkles found at big craft stores. I also purchased two sizes of a double-sided tape "brought to you by Provo Craft and Art Accents, Inc." This double-sided Art Accentz red tape is a "terrifically tacky tape" with many uses. It is advertised as the strongest tape to hold beads to wood, glass, metal, plastic, paper.
    Cut the tape to totally cover and to fit the top of your box. Set and stick the glamour stones around where you wish and then wind the seed beads close together around the stones, laying them as snugly as possible to each other to avoid the sensation of movement later. For more control, get a wide-eyed needle and thread the beads to more masterly put the seed beads in place.
     Now you are ready to create and fill the boxes with little fridge magnets by putting photos or acrylic painted flowers on small clear glass or plastic globules,  glue-gunning a strong magnet to the back. The boxes are the perfect size for these jewels. That was my craft offering for this summer's visit.


  1. oooh! Neat! I like the looks of these beaded boxes -- dare I try to make one? After the quilt !

  2. Lovely, lovely! Like our friend above, I'd adore to attempt to make these, but I have got to be realistic and complete some of the partially done projects awaiting me! Will file this away, though, as an idea for the future!

  3. Could you do this with your granddaughters? Is it too tedious? I'd like to try it, too. What's with the noodles? You look as if you're thinking...."I'm not about to put this stuff in MY mouth!" Lovely colors: reds and blues.

  4. Nancy, those were delicious strips of string cheese, a first (therefore funny) for some. I get it at Eastern Lamejun Bakers, an Armenian store in Watertown MA; and we unbraided and unbraided the cheese to make a pile. You can be certain I ate several+ strings of it.

  5. Now that I've seen the video, all of this falls more into place. There are beautiful faces/people to go with these beautiful tins. Thanks!