Sunday, October 23, 2011

Round Robin medallion: a rough start

    Ann said it is fun to make a round robin quilt. There might be five in a group of quilters. Each makes a center piece. Each month or so, this quilt block is passed to another person to add to the top of a future quilt, usually winding around the medallion in the center. Until the quilt is finished, the originator of the quilt, the medallion maker, will not see the quilt. The five centers and each month's new additions to the quilt, an addition in the round, will grow the quilt. After several months there will be a medium size or large quilt to be returned to the owner to have batting and backing added, and quilting finished. Each of the five quilters will have the beginnings for a larger quilt as well as some interesting interactions and discoveries.

click to enlarge
      We were told the center piece should be on-point, so a design or subject should be in a diamond format. The following are my first two efforts at my medallion. It would help to be a more experienced quilter; and next time, I hope to be more adventuresome to make a more personal image...home or flora! I may have to doctor these with some fabric paint.

       Actually, I started a trompe l'oeil image, a window box, but I have to finish it to see if it would work. But then, Fall is so busy!

       Credit: Whenever I am stumped for block pattern, I can count on finding one at Marcia Hohn's fabulous Quilters' Cache with a zillion free quilt patterns and instructions. Visit it:


  1. Sounds like fun. I've written stories this way--even poetry. Talk about surprises when it's finished! Keep us posted.

  2. Linda, congratulations! I love that "Georgetown Circles" block in particular. I think THAT is the one you should use. I think it looks much better set on point than does the other one. Too, it is a more intricate design, and it a block of this size, that's important. And another reason I like it better is that I love the interaction of the colors.

  3. Great looking, Linda. I wish I did these sorts of things...always so appealing. ss

  4. Good start. It will be great to see the finished product! KB-B

  5. It's fascinating to see how different the two blocks look. I know that the color and the piecing does make the visual difference, but it's really interesting to someone who can only sew on buttons. :-) I love the blue/green, but the red orange really is distinctive when paired with that black/silver/orange background - so to speak - fabric. Can't wait to see what happens with this whole project!

  6. I love the red. I look forward to seeing how this works out!