Monday, October 17, 2011

Posting Pumpkins: fabric postcards for the mail

     October is beautiful outside and a time to be with friends. To touch those far away, there is the fabric postcard. Still having withdrawal from a great get-together with childhood chums in Texas, I was having trouble getting back to quilting. But I bit the bullet and sat down to make these small quilts.

click to enlarge
    If you click to enlarge the photo, you will see the only quilting is around the edges and down the center. I made these 7 quilted postcards by cutting fronts, backs, and flannel or batting to a size of 4 1/2" x 6 1/2." The proper postcard size will be 4" x 6." Next, I stamped the back fabric with an old Post Card stamp. You could write "Post Card" with a fabric marker as you will the address and notes.

      I put the front and back face to face atop the batting and stitched all around 1/4" from the edge, leaving two inches on one end open to turn. I then snipped off corners and turned the pieces. I ironed the "cards" turned, and once again stitched all around the edges, only this time, closing off. Feeling I should quilt a bit, I took a fancy stitch on my sewing machine to make the line down the middle and it was OK on the front. I could have quilted more before sewing the pieces together. Where the light string hit the black, I used a black Sharpie....and an orange Sharpie on the pumpkin.

        Tomorrow, I will address, add a message, and take the Postcards to the Post Office for stamps and hand canceling. I do not put the postcards in an envelope, and they have always arrived at their destination. I like the soft quilt version, but you can use Timtex or other products for a stiffer version. YouTube also has videos on the subject.

         Type "postcard" into the Search space at the top left to see earlier fabric postcards I have made.


  1. The postcards look great! Do you remember where you got the post card stamp? I LOVE IT! DJD

  2. I got the stamp at some craft store long before I got into quilting. I am sure there are some still out there.

  3. Beautifully made cards...much nicer "look" than the one's I have made
    using Timtex. I hope to remember your method the next time I make a fabric postcard. I'm sure that whoever you are sending these to will be thrilled.

  4. I have the post card stamp - got it from Hobby Lobby. I love these and want to follow suit! ss

  5. They are colorful! I promised myself I was going to make some of these a year ago. Bought the material, but my husband took my card/worktable for his own purposes and I've let the project slide. What a nice surprise these cards will be for your friends!

  6. Love these! I bought some Halloween fabric weeks ago to make some for my grandkids, as I did last year, but haven't done so yet. Needed this nudge to do so! I, too, found my new postcard stamp at either Hobby Lobby or Michael's, and it was available last fall, so feel sure that it still is. Great job, and welcome back to the quilting world!

  7. VEry cute! They'll love them. ND