Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fabric Fortune Cookies: a quick craft

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    These fortune cookies are very easy to make. I found several tutorials on-line. Lady Harvatine's appealed to me most.This site by Shannon has a video of turning the cookie out.

    Essentially, I looked at all the tutorials I could find, Googling "fabric fortune cookie." Then I looked at Images to see what sort of fabrics I preferred.  I chose the easiest and most sensuous shapes. I took a cracker can that had about a 5" diameter and traced around the base with a permanent marker. I cut out freezer paper circle and ironed them onto fabric that had been spray basted to felt. Next I cut out the felt backed circles, then sewed about 1/2 inch in from the edge. I then took pinking shears and cut about 1/4 inch from the sewn circle. All that was left to do was to fold the piece in half, inside (felt) out. I sewed about an inch in the middle, touching neither the fold nor the stitched edge. I could then put my thumbs in under the folds on each side to open up the outside of the fortune cookies to give them shape. Click on both photos to see more.

     I need to find some good fortunes about friendship or simply insert fabric or paper fortune strips suggesting BFF Best Friends Forever. Or, I could let people write up a bunch of fortunes to put in a bowl to draw out or insert in a cookie and then let the cookies be drawn.


  1. Very cute! Thank you for the great explanation. They DO look like they are fun to make.

  2. Once again you have created such a perfect gift and remembrance of this time you all will have together. You could have fortunes all ready inserted, AND then let everyone write fortunes that would also be inserted. But, a consideration is that while some people are more creative than others and would be more comfortable writing fortunes, some people would not.

  3. Chow mein for me. Wish I were 1 year older and a grown-up

  4. Linda, these are too cute! I might eventually make up a few for my Bee friends. For one thing, they would make great bazaar items for our next booth at the Quilt Show we'll have in about three years. Each Bee is responsible for providing items to sell. These would be perfect! As for the fortunes, you sent me a long list of wonderful quotations about friendship via email. Look for that in your sent folders! They were super!

  5. So cute! Pretty, too. As much like flowers as
    fortune cookies.