Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Winter Baby Shower

   Dianthe amazes! At the busiest time of the year she hosted a Sunday brunch baby shower, not just for the ladies, but couples. Makes sense! Sometimes new patterns must emerge.

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   Since the sex of the baby-to- be is not known, there were both blue and pink flowers and a holiday tree festooned in white. Soft white leather or satin/"fur" baby shoes topped the tree, a symbol of the movement of those in that gene pool, and baby breath flowers floated on branches. White shirts, hats, bibs and other items decorated the tree further. Mimosas, spinach cheese strata, ham in rolls, fruit salad, were some of the foods.The cozy fire and window views added to the family warmth.
It was fun to have the families included, always enriching the conversation!


  1. What a beautiful shower! The decorations on the tree were wonderful & such a perfect way to celebrate the coming baby. Loved the menu & the picture of the buffet table. What a special memory that will be for everyone.

  2. Amazing, indeed! I especially liked the flowers, the colors, and the arrangements. What a view from the windows!

  3. What a lovely idea--a baby shower for couples! I've never attended such, but it makes such good sense. The decorations and menu etc., as our friends say above, were indeed lovely!

  4. Lovely - and what better time to celebrate a new baby than Christmas-time. Since my first baby was born on Dec. 21, I have always loved thinking about the pleasure that comes with baby gifts, family and friends, at this special time of year.

  5. What great fun! Yea for you keeping with this blog. You're an inspiration!

    We're off for the coast in the rain--but I did manage one last blog entry. Of course, it's about the cat.