Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010: a journal quilt

   Usually a blog posting takes no time at all, and a journal quilt is  easy. However, this Christmas, though the simplest, had so much going on that I could not narrow to a single special idea.
Click to enlarge photos
     First, we put up the trees. We got the biggest and strongest live one for our main tree. Then there were the attic's older, crazier versions: one for the dogs and cats, one for our sons' creations, one for the grandchildren, and two little ones for the toddler to decorate. There was the centerpiece tree and others not pictured. And, besides family, there were the beaders to entertain.

       The Nutcracker theater was a major addition. The technology purchases and their required adjustments, can bury one at this busy time of year. The celebration 18th - 20th was magical and then all heck broke loose with unexpected bugs, lost trips, weather surprises. But we remain grateful for the joy and peace of this time of year. And all those rollicking trees above under netting are beautiful but no more controlled than the days of our future; and I guess that is probably as good an idea as I can come up with today.


  1. Your journal quilt is perfect for the snowy holidays & all of your trees. What a way to let each person have his/her own tree to decorate & to be special. Fun times! Good memories for everyone!

  2. I can't believe that you, feeling as you did yesterday, were able to put up such a super-good blog posting, and where in the world did you find the energy to make that neat journal quilt? I feel like a wimp, having NO inspirations for either a blog posting or a journal quilt at present, being totally Christmased out at present! I loved all about this--the quilt, the photos, everything. Super job, Wonder Woman!

  3. Alice is right on all counts! You never give in for long to those "unexpected bugs, lost trips or weather surprises." Even surgery can't keep you down. Here's to more journal quilts and creative adventures in the new year !

  4. What a holiday treat your house is! The trees are gorgeous. The journal quilt is so rich in red and green. The gold trim. The simplicity.
    All lovely. I only wish you'd included a photo of the Nutcracker Theater. Or did I somehow miss it?