Friday, June 4, 2010

Synergy of Art

Yesterday, I felt I went around the world. I had attended a festive museum group reunion down by the ocean and afterwards gathered arts and crafts to play some more. It is rewarding to stay connected with committed people and art and to create.

(click to enlarge this photo)

After the reunion I went into Hingham to find a needlepoint cow that I had seen at The Monday Club. Although I can paint needlepoint canvases, the proprietor was so helpful teaching me new stitches that I purchased her goods for a new project.

On my way to the car I stopped in at the yarn store, a shop that imports Peruvian wools and the cheese shop for sarsaparilla and a panini, strengthifying should the predicted thunderstorms start. Synergistically, I saw in a window, art by children, model clay figures, looking at paintings, something the reunion group specializes in.

I had to go by the fabric store to pick up a novelty fabric for a Father's Day portrait (cars) and found two 18" bendable stuffed muslin dolls with wire armature for the grandchildren to think about to fashion to their own creations. They have their American Girls Dolls. I wonder what they can create the same size.

The heavens held their downpour until I hit my driveway!


  1. From Alice and Sherron: Great photos! Those bendable dolls are fantastic! At which fabric store were the purchasd? We're having fun and we'll comment more later.

  2. You made it in without getting wet? Now I know your living right. Love the children's art, and hope to see what your grands do with the dolls. I bet they love them! Tell the girls that the world is waiting!

  3. What a happy looking group of people whose faces showed their pleasure in getting together. How wonderful! The rest of the day sounded like quite an adventure. It will be interesting to see what the girls do with the dolls.

  4. Linda, may I move to Boston and shadow you for awhile? You do/make/show such interesting things. I am amazed at the cloth dolls idea for your grands to make clothes for their dolls. I suspect they are precocious and can do it!

  5. Back home now and looking at blogs again! I enlarged that photo and loved looking at the faces of all your reunion group. What lovely looking women! And of course I loved the cow and the display of children's art, the unclothed dolls, etc. etc. Most definitely I will look for those at JoAnn's today and will hope they have them. Maybe online if not at the store? Looking forward to the next blog!