Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beading for Beth's Birthday

At beading Thursday, Nita showed a new "sapphire" necklace which reminded me of daughter-in-law Beth, whose birthday is this week. I immediately forgot all the thinking I had done about a gift she might prefer and ran immediately to the bead store. I bought some beads that turned different colors under different lights. That would not do. Back to another bead store where I found the stable "sapphire" string that stayed the same color. ( you can click on the necklace)

I got out my unused bead tray (I had boys, seldom wear necklaces, and barely know how to make them). I lined up the bigger beads, alternating 5 seed beads between them and started stringing on beading wire (6 lbs strength) until the length was 17 inches and the clasp would make 18 inches. I used a beading needle with a big hole in the middle to run the tiny wire through sterling silver crimpers, up through the clasp hole and back down through the crimper and into some beads. After pulling firmly I crimped with the crimper's funny hole first and then the round crimper hole to finish. I learned to leave the ends of the strings on until I was sure all held together, since the first necklace fell apart. But artists don't give up. I next performed extra security with an invisible knot and some clear fingernail polish and clipped the wire. The earrings, are just headpins and beads with the pin end wrapped around needle nose pliers and twisted to make a loop to attach to the earring findings, which I opened, inserted the loop and then closed off.


  1. I deleted my first one, since I had used some form of the word "love" three times! So now I will start over with a better variety of words. The necklace and matching earrings are gorgeous! I'm sure Beth will love them; anyone would. You act as if making jewelry is not difficult, but it sounds most complex to me. So glad you found beads you were happier with than the first set.

  2. I have felt similarly. It seems as if it would be difficult but it is just the few steps mentioned above. So we probably should be doing it more often.

  3. The blue beads are such a gorgeous color. So glad you searched until you found "true blue" beads. Beth is sure to love it. I love beaded necklaces and enjoy wearing them.

  4. Yes, they are beautiful,beautiful. 'Wonerful, wonerful,' as Lawrence Welk would say. I thought your description of their making was quite fascinating. However easy you say it is,
    one would have to have a steady hand to do it.
    Congratulations, again, Linda. Your daughter-in-law (and your grandchildren) are lucky to have you around.