Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Doodle for your Noodle

     How about an art of no expense, training and preparation. Grab a pencil and block of note pads to start marking during your next Zoom meeting. It is possible that concentration, memory and happiness will increase.

    Smart people continue to insist they can’t draw. That must not be the case since if you put a crayon in any child’s hand they move it around to create shapes and images. 

    Doodles are underestimated as art or a path to. A doodle is a drawing made by a person whose attention may be elsewhere. There are many conscious and laborious doodle also. But I am interested in the mindless moving the pencil around on paper that changes by mood. You may develop a style thinking differently every time you approach and dive into the paper. Different things are on your mind, so just add them or parts to the paper. Lately i start with circles and lines, triangles and square. I add darks and sometimes erase. I never know where I will go next. Then sometimes I mark up the other Zoomers. Who know where it will lead. Have fun.  

     Click to enlarge. I drew the first batch on 3-inch square note blocks and the 2nd batch of doodles were drawn on 4-inch note blocks. Visit Doodles Wikipedia for more.


  1. I'm a phone and study doodler. I swear I can't draw 'til I see some weeks old doodles. I think they're great, then I remember who did them!

  2. Those Doodles are fun to look at! I know you say that anyone can draw, and I suppose I agree. But my drawings and likely my doodles would look like an eight year old had done them. Yours are much more sophisticated and clever! I once made a little art quilt on the theme of Doodle. One side was composed of doodle-like fabric arranged in a way that pleased me. But the other side was....Yankee Doodle! I always loved that song, as it's one of the few songs my dad ever sang to us kids! Anyway, fun blog post!

  3. Cute idea, Linda ! I usually partcipate when zooming or hide my face, mute my voice and do a household chore or grab food or drink. Your approach s a lot more fun.

  4. I love the flying book. Sometimes I long for a vodka martini during what seem like endless Zoom meetings. Your outlet, or coping mechanism, is healthier. More doodles please!

  5. I'm the previous commenter. By the way, these would make interesting designs for embroidery, with a little massaging. - Ellen