Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Inspiration all around

       Plantings have experienced a drought this August, but my heart soars with the inspiration in my painting world. Tomorrow, I will enjoy a members' look at the Obama portraits which have arrived at the MFA BOSTON. Last weekend, Joe and I made a rare 5-minute run into Harvard Square to see two major big portraits at the Harvard Art Museum, free on Sundays: See below: Kehinde Riley and Kerry James Marshall were a major surprise. The sculpture in a surrealism show and a new Jacob Lawrence series were a treat as well (click to enlarge photos)

       On-line I read an essay by Kerry James Marshall "I Paint Pictures Too" which led me to the Cezanne show at the Art Institute of Chicago, closing.  Picasso famously said that  Cezanne is the father of us all. Here, Marshall and other artists were explaining why. I wanted more details, especially since a classmate of mine was reporting as well. Rich. I found the catalog Cezanne on-line. Then I spotted the Still Life tome on our Harvard jaunt and was struck by the novel ways objects around us in the house and yard can be expressed freshly by Australian artists.  Of course a major treat will be a run to NYCity to see the Robert Colescott show at the New Museum. I got to meet him one day in Soho, and he is a favorite artist. The catalog is well written. All three books have super illustrations. I keep them out on the dining room table.


  1. Loved this blog post! You chose paintings that made me long to see them in person. I remember seeing a great Jacob Lawrence exhibit at some art museum within the past 10 or 20 years. In St Louis? Here in Kalamazoo? Or was in at Crystal Bridges? Anyway, wherever it was, it made me a huge fan of his work. Robert Colescott is new to me; I look forward to a report about his exhibit when you go to NYC to see it. This from your blog post makes me want to look all around me, inside and out, for "the novel ways objects around us in the house and yard can be expressed freshly." Maybe I could even find inspiration for an art quilt by opening my eyes to what's all around me!

  2. Yes! what is all around us

  3. I love the title of this blog and then you demonstrate it so well. Great inspiration for you led us readers/ lookers to be inspired too. Thanks.