Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Thankful for Thanksgiving 2021

       Over the River (Charles) and through the towns, to grandchildren's home we go. The car knows the way, that I will say. Glad it's leaves, not snow all the way! The children's mother invited us to Thanksgiving and said I was not to bring anything. However, one has to have surprises for any event!

       First I think of novelty hats. The party store was out so I was glad to see some hats from 3 years ago Beth had saved and put out on her kitchen table.  I was tempted by the big turkey balloon, but was glad they also were out! It will be crowded enough in the kitchen.

        Usually we have a Thanksgiving tree. We write on paper leaves what we are grateful for. Then we glue them on a poster's tree created by a grandchild, or tape leaves on branches held by a vase or block of wood. I prefer what the grands make but will create and take a pile of colorful leaves, just in case. Blessings can always blow in on the tables.

        Next is the prayer. One year I found a prayer on line. I am still looking for the author artist. Many Thanksgiving prayers may be Googled online. I like Ralph Waldo Emerson's or Psalm 100. See below one that I put in little addressed envelopes on the plate at each seat. I noticed that Joe saved his.


          Again, I hope to find the author of this beautiful prayer and drawing found online several years ago. I see a signature on the bottom right up the side but it didn't enlarge.

          I will take an Asian pear and arugula salad w goat cheese as well as Japanese fruit pie, a southern dish. That is your surprise. Happy Thanksgiving!    


  1. I was hoping for a photo of you using your Mandolin or of the Japanes pie, but no matter. The ones included are super. I love all your ideas about the Thanksgiving trees in several forms as well as the prayer. That is a lovely prayer, and I hope that someday you can locate its author!

  2. What a wonderful way to celebrate Thanksgiving. I am grateful for knowing you.

  3. So nice to gather with family; our feast was for just three but still meaningful. The "leaves of thanks" tree is a lovely idea. But what is Japanese fruit pie? On another note - When can I bring over the honey? -Ellen