Monday, October 4, 2021

A little gallery for family art

    Painting the grandchildren is fun for me and Joe frames the results. We give to the children and the mother is stuck with what to do with them. She has carved a corner in the living room for these little paintings with some of the family creations, some photos and prints. I also found a print of a family artist, daughter-in-law's "Uncle Abe, "Abraham Walkowitz, who was in Alfred Stieglitz's 291 Gallery in NYC. Earlier I had found prints of his Isodora Duncan works at the MFA Boston.  There paintings and photos in the shelves and walls in this corner off the living room warmed my heart when I discovered them. Next time I will edit the photos to lighter before posting. Click to enlarge to see a bit better!

You can see that the first born Hannah has been painted the most, a head, two with striped leggings and as a runner!  David is seen both painting and in a soccer match. Erika had fewer works, but probably the best as the ballerina! There are also some candy hearts on easels I gave to each one some Valentine's Day.  I need more of Erika and David. The sculptures of Einstein and other people are welcome viewers, 
 Same for the clay turtle cup.



  1. Nice to have YOUR art in this corner gallery… wonderful art on your part, always. Kids will always treasure what you have painted- always.

  2. How wonderful that your daughter in law has created this little corner to display the paintings you've done of the grandchildren, as well as photos of them and other works of art! Fascinating, too, about "Uncle Abe"! I'm sure seeing this corner when you visit is most affirming!

  3. Beth did a really wonderful installation! How nice to have the generations celebrated in this way. Keep painting and drawing!

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