Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Hearts on display

    It is easy to remember the grandchildren's on Valentine's Day, another during the Boston Marathon and a third at Christmas. Birthday presents are getting more difficult, but I painted each child some hearts for the holiday.They last and don't take up space. I was almost late for Valentine's Day and almost late for my February blog.

    I am excited to be back working with oils in a studio with plenty of desk space. February 28th sneaked up on me so I don't have a photo of the convenient upstairs room, but February was not getting past me! I found a $5 light at Target to cast shadows, mini canvas and easels at Job Lot, oversized candy hearts at CVS. I primed the canvas with alizarin crimson and mixed the rest of the paints. I have one canvas left for some candy kisses for myself...or chocolates for next year.


  1. Candy and easels and paint- what could be more fun for February!

  2. I'm eager to learn which upstairs bedroom has now become your studio! The guest room at the front of house, where Bob and I have stayed? Or the room formerly known as Joe's dressing room? I can't tell from the photos! But what fun you're having in a nice, bright room, creating all sorts of wonderful works for the grandchildren and to satisfy your own need to create art!

  3. I, too, want to congratulate you on your new work area and all the fun you are having. Love your photos.