Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Throwing on the the diary

     Whenever I have trouble getting back into painting or coming up with ideas, I remind myself that Picasso said it is but keeping a diary. A best friend from Amarillo childhood took me back to the Texas Panhandle this week by sending a book about friends who developed the range. Joe's family also ranched around or by those parts from Hereford to Kansas and I wanted to do a series when a cousin sent more photos.Adding to the mix, was the indulging in a DNA quest with more contacts and materials.

      Needing a post for January, last night before the State of the Union addresses, I grabbed an old painting (with a first layer) and started throwing on and dragging around more paint with a brush. I didn't know how to solve the problem of missing dark tones or how to carry the painting beyond the photo taken at my 50th high school reunion at the Palo Duro Canyon. But in the midst of working, I solved some problems. I had great fun dragging thick paint around the edges of the sunflowers.I should return w a special brush for the grass and another for the sky to "make it better" as my art teacher always said. But wow did I have fun. It has been awhile. Will it ever dry?😊

      I am using some Gamblin oil paints because I like their oderless thinner and mediums. I hope to get back to Winsor and Newton Griffin Alkyds for their jewel-like and  fast drying oils.You can imagine how I get Gamblin and Griffin mixed up. Gamblin has a fast drying matte oil, but I like the shine of Winsor and Newton's Griffins. I guess I could use a shiny varnish over the Gamblin mattes.


  1. I love the Texas - or KS or wherever they grow sunflowers. I'm so happy that you had so much fun painting. You have a gift for painting and for creating artistic ideas . Keep doing things that are fun.😊

  2. Sunflowers are such happy flowers! Sherron's comment puzzles me a bit: are they not grown (either as wild flowers or as a crop) in other states besides Texas and Kansas? I thought they grew all over the US. But that's totally an
    "aside." Chiefly what I want to say is that sunflowers are happy flowers, and your painting and its story makes me happy! It delights me that you have returned so enthusiastically and productively to your painting! You have a true gift, and I love to see you utilizing it as much as you have in recent months! Keep up the excellent work, and I love reading about just HOW you go about creating!