Sunday, October 27, 2013

Children take the lead with elastic bracelets

      Bracelets are big time with the youngsters these days: colored rubber bands woven on a Rainbow Loom keep a wide range of children occupied. At beading, every grandmother but one had grandchildren quite engaged with elastic bracelets...and Chrissy's Charlie made $25 selling them on the New Jersey boardwalk! The basic kit comes with a bag of assorted colors, a loom, some instructions and a tool. Although I found a book of several patterns at Michael's, I find most children follow designs on You Tube.

 Click on the photos to enlarge..

       As a baby Hannah would put on all my crocheted bracelets up her arms...and even try to pull them over her head as in a necklace. Tonight I thought I would get a photo of the girls, now older, with their creations on their arms! David is trying to catch up so he goes to their room for help. Joe and David show bracelets they were gifted...Joe's for his birthday, from Hannah. The guy's are darker colors, sport team colors often.

        When Hannah finished making a duct tape bag and wallet, I asked her to write down some of the names of bracelets to look up on-line: Sailor's, Fishtail, Triple, Mohawk, Double X, Starburst, Butterfly, Blossom. She says likes them all and learned to work so fast with her hands by folding origami birds when she was younger. Erika left for a Halloween party and David sang Happy Birthday to Joe in Hebrew. I spent the day making Ina Garten's carrot cake to take to Beth's spectacular dinner for Joe. Grandmothers probably should think twice about adding walnuts and raisins. Strike two!



  1. Wonderful day. I love the guys' bracelets in team colors. What's the whole story on the nuts and raisins? I cook from Garten lots. (And her frozen entrees have bailed me out more than once.) Tell Joe, "Happy! Happy!" from Texas.

  2. What fun your grandchildren have with their creative grandmother! You are making memories as well as art. And, Happy Day to Joe.

  3. These photos and the bracelets are mind-blowing! I have GOT to purchase one of those looms, before my grandkids get too old. Am going online right this second to check it out. As usual, you are a granny beyond compare with your creative ideas and your super photos of your beautiful grandkids!

    1. Oh dear, I can't take credit! On these, DIL Beth and the children get the applause. I only recently got my own kit.

  4. Gorgeous photos, Linda. Wonderful bracelets. Yes, you are a wonderful granny, Linda. I enjoyed every photo and every word of this post.

  5. Found another way to comment, so let me say that the bracelets look like a wonderful craft for kids! And maybe adults too!

  6. Your energy amazes me...Wish I had some of it! You are one person who has not wasted her talent, having enriched the grands' lives beyond measure. Love U lots and lots! RA

  7. Wow! I am remembering the talk surrounding the "Rainbow Looms" before Christmas. These bracelets and the ones wearing them are all magical!