Monday, January 7, 2013

Music making: a crafty interlude

    Bono said that music can change the world because it can change people; whereas George Bernard Shaw warned that hell is full of musical amateurs. But music lifts the spirit, I love to play duets however pitifully, so I try to develop partners.

       Joe played a few recorder duets, but he found 5 minutes exhausting :*). Fun began when Hannah took up her new ukulele and recorder over the holidays. It was a joy to watch her studying the books and getting excited by what she was learning....especially when she said, "LinLin, let's play a duet!" She gave Joe some tips. So many crafts, so little time.

       Both Joe and I were unaware of the use of recorders in orchestras and the existence of ukulele orchestras.

      Scour YouTube if you are interested to hear some fabulous performances or take some free lessons. We are so fortunate to have the Internet.
      I showed both Joe and Hannah many chords, various strums and tabulature reading for the ukulele. The recorder books for soprano and treble recorders surprised me. I was shocked that "treble" books are for the alto recorder. As a self-taught person, this was at first confusing.....notes were created by different fingerings! It is helpful that one can practice quietly by making a simple mute from a narrow short strip of postcard bent to fit over the edge of the window of the recorder. But one must practice constantly I find. How to do it all!


  1. Music hath charms.... What a joy to have a musical granddaughter, and a pox on that stuck up Shaw. I've never forgiven him for Man and Superman.

  2. You are way over my head! And, I think that's wonderful!!! What a treat to watch Hannah learning to play the ukulele AND to play with her. Perfect!

  3. Tra la la Fiddley dee dee it gives me a thrill --- to see these pictures and read these words. Hannah is following in her grandmother's footsteps.:) - ss

  4. Hannah looks so grown up! AND you have musical ability too? djd

  5. I agree with Anonymous above! I was stunned at how mature Hannah looks. She's always been so pretty, but now even more so. Looks as if she won't go through that dreaded "awkward" stage so many girls endure, pre-teenaged years. Of course, I knew that you and Joe both were musical, so that didn't surprise me, but I admit I had NO idea about the recorder and ukelele orchestras! How exciting and fun that is to know about. And I am astounded at your energy, knowing you are under the weather, as is demonstrated by this posting on your blog!

  6. Hi Linda,
    It is great to see that your granddaughter is learning to play and is interested in duets. How did the rest of the family enjoy the recorders? I was surprised at the Concord Piecemakers show the other year one of the members played her recorder and it was such a beautiful haunting sound. Up to that point I did not realize a recorder could be played with out squeaks. I also did not understand when I was learning recorder that practicing made a better sound.
    I am just now really feeling that as I work on my quilts and my quilting gets better with each quilt. I think I have never stuck with anything long enough to get better until now (old age :-( ).


    1. FABulous, Elana....I am just at the stage before I really stick with something to get better....You are so funny and say all so well. Some played those recorders I gave everyone at Christmas instead of crackers. And there was a comment wishing for the family orchestra. We'll see what happens. It takes time to practice and all are so busy.

  7. I gave the recorder a shot once. I'd been told 'anyone' could learn it. Proved them wrong! If I'd known about the mute, maybe I'd have kept it up!

  8. Agreeing with Rosemary...And laughing with Trilla! Is there no end to your talents?? Hannah is so lucky....Imagine what you and I could have done if we had a Linlin in our young lives!
    As it is, I can pick out anything I hear on a piano, but not beautifully or fully like our Keith can. I've written songs about horses and dogs and lost loves, but they are kind of private (meaning not fit for sharing or publication.) lol Still, it's fun to me, as are your blogs.
    Love and thanks,

  9. Hi Linda-
    Hanna looks like a natural with the uke! So glad she enjoys playing it and the recorder. I agree with Alice—she is very pretty. Sarah