Sunday, December 9, 2012

De-stress with yarn, dishcloths, Dust Bowl reads

     Show and Tell at our Journal Quilt Connection meeting ended with Donna Jean's suggestion we mindlessly knit washcloths with Sugar and Spice cotton psychedelic colors to de-stress during the holidays. I am so suggestible. I could not wait to get my yarn (some for the girls), size 6 knitting needles (two more sets for the grandchildren), cast on 40 stitches, to start to knit to de-stress!

      But first I had to relearn how to cast-on before knitting, knitting, knitting. I got out 6 books and looked on YouTube for videos.  I assure you I will teach the girls and use myself, the easiest cast-on stitch. How important it is to practice before teaching the youngsters. How much one forgets. Click photos to enlarge!

     Then I remembered that Trilla had sent me some washcloths she had made along with some guest room soaps to accompany her creations. Of course, I could only admire, never use until I made more. I found I had bought a pattern book, Dishcloths from the Heart, and had already bought psychedelic yarn back then!!  I dug further into my knitting bag (one of about 8 yarn UFOs*) to find Trilla's state of Texas with my Amarillo highlighted. All this happened the last few days when I was heavily into the history of The Dust Bowl, thanks to Ken Burns' movie. May I recommend his illustrated history and Karen Hesse's book, Out of the Dust, a Newbury award winner. It also helps to have a ukulele and The Daily Ukulele (364 songs) sitting by the computer. Maybe a virtual "I'll be Home for Christmas."
    *unfinished objects


  1. Great blog, Linda. My grandchildren have been finger-knitting for years. In fact, we were presented with yards of it to hang on our Christmas tree right before they left our house for theirs at Thanksgiving. The elder two have been knitting with needles since their mother decided it was a good way to "wind down " at night before bedtime - before they could read on their own. :) ss

  2. Oh, what fun! I once knew how to knit, years ago, very inexpertly, as a child, but I have forgotten all I ever knew about knitting. I do have several books, but just can't get motivated. These wash/dish cloths sound like the perfect way for me to learn, if and when I DO get motivated. This was such a fun post!

  3. L…loved the knitted dish cloths I’m in to
    Christmas baking/cooking currently. JS

  4. Linda! How can you have time to do all these extra things!! Knitting something fun would just put me over the edge. But I do LOVE your designation UFO's. I have so many and, of course, they were sized for the moment and will only now fit great grandchildren. Oh well. Chrissy

    1. hahaha...glad there is another person...I have baby sweaters and bootees started and the recipients to be are in high school.

  5. I received one of these knitted washcloths from a friend and love it. It is so soft ad absorbent. Actually, your are prettier, however.

  6. The Amarillo ones are the best!! I love anything featuring Texas, and Amarillo themes even more. Never thought of using knitted items as washcloths. Thanks for sharing your glorious talents with me. Wish you could share your energy!
    Love U, RA

  7. I am happy to have inspired such a well received post!

  8. Love these! The Texas one with Amarillo marked is a wonderful treasure. The finger knitting sounds fascinating. Can't wait to hear about and see what your grandchildren create!

  9. Oh, now you will have me knitting again! I'd forgotten the Texas one with Amarillo marked. Makes me homesick and makes my knitting fingers itch! Thanks--I think.

    The Dust Bowl. How it marked our lives. I still have some of my parents pictures from those dreary hard times. (But they still managed to fall in love and have a lovely Amarillo wedding.--September 1, 1935.)