Saturday, August 18, 2012

Making Landscapes to enjoy: Martell and Rasmussen

Sue Martell 
    The World Quilt Show New England X is this weekend in Manchester NH. I had so much fun that I spent two days there.

     It is always a pleasure to visit the cheerful vendors at the Quilt Essentials booth. Betsy Dorr, the owner usually knits and quilts and her sister Sue Martell inspires me with her piles of totally hand-appliqued landscape quilts. Sue is quick to point to the printed fabrics she uses; books on the topic, and the cloth support onto which she collages her fabric segments of "grass," "sky," "water," and "rocks." She repeatedly suggests I get to know Jo Diggs, a respected teacher and landscape artist. I no more got home from the show this year than I found in my e-mail a note from The New England Quilt Museum listing a Saturday morning workshop with Jo Diggs. I signed up! The Commons, a gallery in Eastport ME, carries Martell's landscapes.

Winter's Approach by Sue Rasmussen

    Ever helpful Sue Martel pointed down the hall to a beautiful landscape created by Sue Rasmussen, professional quilter from Simi Valley CA. "Winter's Approach" is entirely machine quilted. She used a printed fabric for the sky filled with branches and a shibori type fabric for the mountains. She pieces beautifully and I have been getting to know this artist by her work "on-line."If I had known I would blog about the quilt I would have taken a better photo. If you link to See How We Sew, you can see detailed photos, as well as  read about Sue, her book and her upcoming TV appearance. You will also want to visit Sue's website by clicking on this link.

      I believe both of these artists like the clean edge and the soft hand of a pieced or appliqued image.  I eagerly await my workshop with Jo Diggs mid-September at the New England Quilt Museum. Click on photos to enlarge.


  1. Love your interest in art and quilts and people and their talents! ss

  2. These are lovely! I am excited for you that you'll soon be taking a workshop to get tips on making landscape quilts. As you know, I, too, with friend Carolyn will also be taking such a class with Sue Benner. I can hardly wait! It will be fun to see what we three come up with, after these exciting workshops!

  3. Thanks for fun blog. I can view it on my iPhone..hugs js

  4. Jo Diggs is a master. I took her class at the Vermont Quilt Festival some years ago!


  5. That looks like it'd take time and patience, but is really cool.
    I LOVE quilts for some reason, and you would not believe how many people sell faded (or not-so-faded) ones at yard sales and such. Just makes me hurt thinking of the love and hours someone, probably a relative, put into them when they were being made. I always buy the quilts and they never cost much. I have the ones my grandmother made and the one my mom made encased in plastic, and will use them as bedspreads in my tiny little dream house some day, but not till then. So when I die, my daughter will probably sell mine in garage sales like everybody else does!! haha
    Love U

    1. That is the funniest and saddest story, n'cest ce pas!!! Same thing for all my paintings. It is a good thing the fun is in the thinking and the making. Maybe those available at flea markets will thrill more people like you and me and the quilts will end up where they should be.

  6. The landscapes/seascapes are beautiful. I especially like Sue Rasmussen's fallish scene. We look forward to the results of your workshop with Jo Diggs.