Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Project Hope blocks completed!

   Every year Katie makes a couple of quilts for Project Hope. She gathers a number of friends to make blocks on a theme. She pulls out her stash and adds to it. This year, the theme is farm animals.

Click to enlarge.

    Each person (not all are quilters) volunteers to make a 12 1/2"square block...and others make more. Some exercise great imagination in building the blocks, making them interactive. Others crochet their own drawings. Katie gathers the blocks during the summer, joins them with strips (sashing) and adds borders. batting, and backing to prepare the creations to be quilted. In the Fall, after the quilts are put together, it is exhilerating to see how different and exciting people's work can be.

     I usually volunteer to make about 8 or 9 blocks.  It is my nature to do something quickly. So my pieces may not be the most interesting, but they blend in to add to the quantity needed.  This year I found a print at Quilting by the Yard in Vernon CT on the way to NYC. With it, I broke my former time records.  If you type "Project Hope" into the Search area above (top left by the orange B icon), you can see earlier posts for Project Hope.


  1. I'm sure I'd find it interesting if I saw it in reality, but this one is a little strange. You did it, though :). ss

    1. I am very puzzled! What exactly is strange?????

  2. Your blocks are perfect for her quilt. Love the animals! That is such a great idea for you all to do.

  3. What a charming piece of fabric you found! You are a master at finding fabulous fabric. I love the blocks that have resulted from that fabric. I would love to see the finished quilt! That is a great theme this time. Good work, Linda. You are truly a wizard!

  4. Certainly, these quilts will bring joy. Warmth, love and smiles.

  5. These are all great pictures. I'd like to see the whole quilt, too, when it's finished this fall.

  6. Once again you have told a wonderful story; I loved the concept of dusk dreaming! And to add about the dreams of the bear, a perfect ending! DJD