Monday, June 18, 2012

No Zen this week, but Zentangle and Zendoodle

     Where did the week go? The Beadsprouts went to the MFA to see Nancy's painting hanging; and following that, I demonstrated for JQC what I had learned about Zentangle and Zendoodle from books, talks, YouTube and Quilting Arts magazine. But it was Donna Jean, the leader of Journal Quilt Connection who got me interested initially. This is one of her unfinished Zendoodle pieces begun on paper and transferred to cloth. Click to enlarge to see the beads and embroidery:

      DJ is a friend who is a beader and a quilter and we get together for lunch and the hunt. The last exploration took us to Ryco Trim in Lincoln, RI where she got some trim for her journal quilt made from a Zentangle. Go to Suzanne McNeill's hyperlink above at YouTube to view the process or Google Zendoodle and Zentangle to see other videos so you can start Zendoodling in a sketchbook for work you want to turn into a quilt. DJ says that a light weight polyester batting is less tiring on the hands.

     On driving out of the Ryco parking lot I saw and  photographed this charmer:

    I plan to show the grandchildren how to ZenTangle/Zendoodle on paper, but adults can take it to really sophisticated levels. Get a book to get started!


  1. That is fascinating. I have never seen anything about it. Now I can check it out. Thanks!

  2. I loved your post, especially the goat! Memories of a really nice day! DJD

  3. I am going to order a book to be sent to California! Others have urged me to give this a try, but YOU have really inspired me. And I do think this would be something my grandchildren would enjoy. Like you, I want to take Zentangling and Zendoodling to the next level and do a small quilt using the technique. Perhaps someday one of our MM themes will "fit" and I can do a 12x12 quilt using that technique. Oh, how silly of me to say that! ANY theme would fit, of course!

    1. The Journal Quilt Connection has decided to do one for February, next year...a 12 x 12! It will incorporate so many techniques and people's zendoodles/zentangles are always different.

  4. Dear Linda, it's all Zen to me, but the goat is very curious about what's going on. I love the yard!


  6. That is a Boer goat. They've been the rage the last maybe 15 years. About half of mine are Boers, but I won't sell them even though they are the fattest goats in the county. They are all my pets. I am a terrible business woman.
    Thanks for sharing,