Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dance recital gems: a journal quilt

     Springing forth in May are recitals and commencements. We drive 4 hours to watch the grandchildren perform.  Two recitals in the same day elicit funny reactions. I made a small journal quilt to remember two comments, because journal quilts help one remember not only significant events but amusing moments you don't want to forget:

     Erika performed in the first recital. The family was seated around a big table for lunch in a local restaurant. As we ate, different ones heaped praise on this second child in the family. Finally, it was too much for the first born who exasperated, blurted out, "I don't get it! What is all this carrying on about Erika!" We pointed out that after her three dances in the afternoon, she surely would receive similar accolades. I free-motion quilted this and another gem on the small quilt.

       Later, on the way to Hannah's recital, after some frustrations of lost crayons, Hannah was disagreeing with her mother and told to "put on a happy face" to get ready for the performance. Hannah, noted for her pretty smile, responded, "I am really not a smiley sort of person." That struck me as so endearingly straight forward and self-assured. I didn't want to forget that moment or that small journal quilts (8" x 8") are more fun to make than 12" x 12"s).   (Click photos to enlarge)


  1. I love the little lass in the lower right corner! Such wonderful memories your two lasses will relish all of their lives. Tangible evidence--as if they need it--of their grandmother's great love!

  2. Linda, this is such a beautiful journal quilt! Not only beautiful, but funny and so wonderfully captures one of those unforgettable grandchildren moments. I am in awe of your ability to "write" with the sewing machine. How is it that you, who have been quilting just a few years, are already so accomplished, whereas I am such a klutz at free motion quilting? Ah, well--to each his own; we all have different gifts, I suppose!

  3. LOVE IT! You are making me feel guilty...haven't been able to journal due to life not stopping long enough to record it. See you soon. Rita

  4. Great post! Loved your pictures.

  5. This is quite wonderful Linda...well documented memory of moments
    with your sweet, precious grandchildren. I suspect that you find your
    8 x 8 journal quilts easier to make ( then the 12 x 12's ) because they are so personal?

    1. Well, I think all my quilts are personal, but certainly the small ones may be more so.
      I think journal quilts are a snippet of life I want to remember, an artistic sketch and not a finished work, and the size fits. When I get onto a larger scale, perhaps I feel I need to add more and more to fill the space. I then feel I should finish more carefully for a wall piece and embellish more. The smaller size means I am finished in no time at all! Granted, we are not thinking huge :*)).

  6. You've so beautifully captured this "moment in time" for your grands. No doubt they both had fun dancing. How great that you all could be there to share their big day.

  7. Linda, you have imagined a journal quilt that is a lovely depiction of the day - and of your beautiful grandchildren. I love the emotions that are recorded for posterity - such realistic reactions!