Sunday, April 29, 2012

On the Road with Needlepoint Coasters and Beads

          Chrissy, one of the Beadsprouts, made a trip to Florida.While there, she picked up some needlework for memories. It is a reminder of the fun one has with small crafts, for she has now finished her coasters! Her belt and others' are another story.

       Speaking of beading and hitting the road, Hannah and I made a couple of bracelets just before she headed home. I showed her how fast she can make a necklace or bracelet. Using some of my leftover beads, she strung them on Softflex medium wire. We measured to see what length was perfect for her wrist and for her mother's.

       At each end we added a sterling silver crimp for strength and another bead. The wire went up through the crimp and bead through the clasp at each end, and back through the extra bead, crimp and through several beads on the wire. We then secured each end with the crimping tool after pulling on the wire for snugness. We next clipped the extra wire. You can't believe how fast this is done.

        In crafting, one nearly always stumbles. I did, losing one of Erika's beads, making hers too tight. Hannah whizzed along. Erika's green one was remade immediately!  Click to enlarge the photos!


  1. Just another of your many talents! The best part is the sharing of these with your grandkids! DJ

  2. Love the coasters and the bracelets! Glad that Erika's bracelet could be redone!

  3. What a fun "art" to learn with the beading. The girls can now enjoy creating their own patterns and selecting their own beads. It will be interesting to see how that "blossoms." Super grandmom & lucky grandchildren!

  4. Yes - lucky grandchildren! They will be teaching YOU something new before long :). ss

  5. I got a bit confused with the coasters and the Florida needlepoint. They are not the same thing, right? Hannah's adorable. Love that blue!