Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Week with Art on the Go: four things

   In order not to lose my website in June, when Apple drops Mobile Me, I had the task to find a domain name for myself ( At Go Daddy where I chose this new URL, I found I could upload my present website for them to host. Task one (big deal) complete.

   Earlier, we had Easter ahead of time with the grandchildren and I especially liked the photos of Joe reading to the children. I may want to use them to develop a big painting.

   Recovery was at Summer Shack where I sketched Joe on the table cloth. He always picks up the crayons meant for children as we are led to our booth. That was the art for the week, except for the Sashiko I embroidered in the car on the way home from NYC as we listened to a CD recording of London: a History, by A.N.Wilson.

Click to enlarge photos.


  1. Congrats on ALL of it: the week with grandchildren, the drawing of Joe, the pictures in general, and THE NEW WEBSITE. I always envy your time in The City, too. ss

  2. You've shown me what true talent actually is. Being around you is an honor. ~ RAH

  3. I love these photogrraphs and especially your artwork. I'll get to your new website tomorrow.

  4. Love the pics and the video that you posted. So glad that your website transition went so smoothly. The picture of Joe reading to the grands is perfect with the bunny ears to establish when. So glad you all had such a great early holiday time together.