Sunday, February 5, 2012

Now We are Six: Erika's Valentine birthday card

     On birthdays, I try to make a quilted birthday card the children can keep. Erika was born on Valentine's Day, and this year I had trouble coming up with an idea.

     Not looking, I found a fabric lush with grown-up roses, probably two dark for a youngster, but I wanted to use it. Also Erika has taken to wearing a bee antenna headband on most occasions. Next, I thought of the six of hearts card,  had seen a quickie cathedral block technique I wanted to try, and had memories of the book, Now We are Six. If you click on the quilt to enlarge it, you can see all of these elements and how I combined them.

      Maybe I should record the poems on a CD for her and make a fuzzy pillow she loves. One can go on and on. There are beads sewn to the red hearts on the card, and I am thinking the rose fabric could be stuffed with rice and lavender for a pad to rest the eyes. Just a matter of time :*)  Ooops. Maybe I should return to the machine to stitch, "Happy Birthday!"


  1. Linda, this card is charming! Now I would love to see a mosaic of ALL the cards you have made for both Erika and Hannah! Using that 6 of hearts cards was so clever! I've got to remember that one. I wish that I had started a fabric card tradition for my 4 grandchildren! Oh, and I wish I could learn to "write" with my machine as well as you do! I need to come visit you to get lessons. Love all the fabric choices, the design, everything about this one!

  2. That is a really cute card. Nice that they save them. DJD

  3. Very, very cleaver...especially as you had trouble coming up with an idea this year! Sometimes I
    think we are at our most creative when we don't know what to do.
    I agree with Alice...that she should visit and we will take a machine writing class from you!

    1. As for machine writing...just relax and assume you can do it. Obviously, :*), I don't even sketch out where I will go. Some say to practice on felt for a few minutes every day. But a visit is good as well!

  4. I love this. It is a perfect SIX Year Old memoir - birthday card. I hope Erika uses her "cleverness gene" to put these wonderful cards from her Lin Lin together in a special place so she can look at them ALL every year and see the love and artistry that goes into them. ss

  5. Perfect! Erica will be thrilled. The 6 of hearts card is the crowning touch, I think. What a super grandmother you are!

  6. I loved the book Now We Are Six, and the couplet (?) is charming; your mixtures of pinks and reds, lively. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I wish you were my grandmother!