Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Home safe: neighborly encounter

    My neighbor Jean collects our newspapers and mail whenever we buzz to NYC. I dropped by to treat her with a bottle bag from MOMA and noticed some cross-stitch that seemed from the past.  She said Anna her daughter had started it years ago (a UFO, unfinished object) and was completing it now. (click photos to enlarge)

   Years ago I did a large painting of Anna using Alice in Wonderland imagery that I like a lot. I thought I would share. Since the painting is so long, I pieced the image together here w two photos. Oh! I should go over to rephotograph with my newer better camera :*).


Jean liked that bottle bag so much I wondered if I should try knitting one that I had seen. So handy for trips to our restaurants where one has to bring one's own drink. What fun it is to have another crafter in the neighborhood. If it were mine, I would tack up Anna's cross-stitch in its  embroidery hoop right next to my computer to enjoy every day!


  1. Love the bottle bag! The cross-stitch made me smile AND remember when I did a lot of that when we lived in Kansas. BUT, that painting is absolutely spectacular - you captured her in such unique poses and created a treasure. Thanks so much for sharing it now.

  2. Linda, love both the embroidery and the bag, but nothing compares with this painting of yours, which I have seen many times on your website. I am sure it was THIS one that made me ask, years ago, if you would paint something for me in exchange for a quilt I would make for YOU. Well, I still have all the "stuff" for your quilt, but it lies waiting for me in a bin in my closet, and who knows what you'll send me once I do finish it! Thanks for reminding me of a painting of yours that brings me delight.

  3. How much fun! I love the MOMA gift, but the painting is
    absolutely wonderful! I love the colors and the images. I'm wondering what size it is. I am encouraged by the UFO to thread my sewing machine. Cross stitch may not be in my future anymore. ss

  4. Checked your blog and was enchanted by Anna's embroidery........brought back some wonderful memories of similar UFO scenes I had made throughout my childhood. The "Alice"
    paintings you made of Anna are delightful. KE

  5. I agree with all, the Alice/Anna pictures are charming. I especially like the first picture, where Anna is turned slightly, hands in pockets. How I wish I hada little girl! I also love the cross stitch, because it combines 'love' and 'Mom.'