Friday, September 16, 2011

Snappy Bags inspire at my Journal Quilt Connection

   Last night the Journal Quilt Connection met to show the journal quilts we had been working on since summer. At the end of the meeting, Rita showed about 15 very graphic snappy bags she had made. I forgot to take a photo, but today I searched on-line for a pattern.  I had to make one. Her bags are better!
click to enlarge

      I found that Nancy has posted a tutorial at her Tattered Garden blog, and a school in Utah has written up the directions.

     So, taking it easy today, I whipped up a  snappy bag. They are so clever. You merely pull on the tabs on both sides to open and they snap back to close! Click on the colored links in the paragraph above for instructions to try one!


  1. They are clever and cute. Congrats on getting one made today. Why not make those for the gifts you're thinking about making?

  2. I think this is a great idea for your reunion gifts. Love those pencils, and the striped trim.

  3. Looks like the meeting was great fun...sorry that I had to miss it!

  4. Super, super reunion gift. Great idea.

  5. Again - great reunion gifts - use the colors of your high school --- though I love the material in the photos :) ss