Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lettering Headers: fabric penmanship

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      The Material Mavens, my talented Texas 12" x 12" quilt group, was inspired by Jamie Fingal Designs' lettering at her blog. We wrote her for advice. The generous quilter she is, Jamie sent advice. Each in our group has been given a letter to fashion for our moniker at our MM blog. I drew the L.

      Listening to President Obama's wonderful Jobs Act talk to Congress, I cut and ironed away. I was assigned an L which I found on my computer software. I printed it, traced and cut it out a little bit bigger to fit onto a 4" x 5" piece of fabric. At first it looked too skinny. I traced the letter onto the back of freezer paper and cut out the letter.

      I didn't know what colors to choose among my fabrics but I thought a more solid pattern should be the letter. Something wider in design would be the background. It is good I made two choices since I now see one of mine resembles Andrea's lined fabric background.  On the piece of letter fabric I ironed Wonder Under to the back, ironed on the freezer paper L, and then cut out the letter to iron on the chosen background.

      I now see Jamie uses different colors for background and letter. I must learn to prepare more thoroughly, but I got the letters made and will send them off in the mail to Alice in Texas where she will assemble all our letters to spell out Material Mavens.  Be sure to visit Jamie's blog Twisted Sister!  


  1. What a collective mind and purpose you Material Mavens have --- sounds as though your partnerships are quite productive. ss

  2. Both of your L's are very fun...I'm as curious to see all the fabric letters assembled as I am our "Harmony" quilts!

  3. Material Mavens is really NOT a "Texas group," though 3 Texans began it! It is an international group with2 from Scotlant, US citizens from the East to the West Coasts, and, yes, admittedly, quite a few Texans! I LOVE your letters. Send me both of them, as Andrea is, and whichever one looks best with its neighbors, that is the one that will make the cut!

  4. Love your letters! I think they go well with the backgrounds you selected. It will be great fun to see the finished presentation of Material Mavens.

  5. I like both your L's. I look forward to seeing the end product. You just never stop! Congratulations!