Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bloom where you are planted: a birthday journal quilt

Bloom where you are planted  12" x 12"
     Where did the year go. My daughter-in-law is already having another birthday and my bead group is having Nita's and my birthday this Thursday. But my birthday is next month. Summer plans confuse things. Luckily we had bought Beth a present in NYC this past weekend; and today I made a journal quilt in her honor. I remember Kathy's sending me a card, when we moved to London, that said "Bloom where you are planted!" and that was good for me.
     Not only is it Beth's birthday, but she is moving with my son and grandchildren away from the Boston area. But there is excitement ahead for them with new beginnings. I found a fabric about NYC and its rivers and bridges to cross...and I fused blooming flowers, appliqueing them with the sewing machine. I wanted to hand-embroider the title but chickened out to free-motion-quilt the words, my initials and the date.  I did quilt more, loosely sketching over the entire piece.  The backside of the quilt picks up on the pink roses and is wide enough to come back over the sides to be ironed and sewed as a binding. I ironed, pinned, and again used the sewing machine. Thinking Beth might want to hang it near a reading chair, I sewed little ribbon hooks on the back corners into which a dowel could be inserted. Also, I thought the children could ask questions about the items in the background. They have ridden in the carriage around Central Park and Daddy's new office is pictured. Click the photo to enlarge.


  1. Lovely. I can't imagine a great, more singularly appropriate gift. Beth's a lucky woman--for many reasons!

  2. I agree with Trilla--a really lovely birthday gift and a pretty quilt. Still more wonderful NYC fabric! Oh, my, I wish I had City Quilter nearby ME. I know Beth will love not only the quilt but the very wise sentiment, "Bloom where you are planted." I think I have a fabric that says that, but who knows where it is!

  3. This is a perfect quilt to express a wonderful sentiment. "Bloom where you are planted" has been my motto through all the years with the moves we've made and whenever I've talked to anyone about moving and about looking positively at the days ahead. Love the NYC fabrics that you use. I got teary-eyed reading your blog because I know that this is a good move for them, but it's a hard move for grandparents.

  4. IDEAL JOURNAL QUILT -- and so clever, as always. Beth will love it. What a keepsake for the change in her life: a new birthday and a new "planting" of her family. My daughter embroidered that wonderful saying years ago, and I cherish the thought and the embroidered item. ss

  5. Lovely quilt. Like everyone else, I love the NYC fabric (even better than the subway fabric) and the appliqued flowers. So perfect! 'Bloom where you're planted' says something to all of us in every phase of life.