Monday, June 20, 2011

In the Beginning...a Journal quilt

     When the Journal Quilt Connection met, they decided to let each member choose a theme for a month of the year for members to quilt. We decided to start in July, and members pointed at me to choose a theme. I said, "That is my birthday month." "We'll do 'birthdays' then...birthdays apply to lots of things: people, nations." Later I suggested "beginnings" to avoid cliche.
       Although the "Beginnings" theme starts in July, this is my third in June. I seem to compulsively enjoy making one a week. This too will pass, I feel certain.
In the Beginning...
        Joe and I went to New York City this weekend where I always get so many ideas, I hardly know where to start. We get our Metro Card and hop on and off the buses and trains at museums, book and crafting areas. This weekend we hit the Morgan, the Folk Museum, the Jewish Museum, the Met and MOMA, and Montclair Art Museum on the way home. I also got to The City Quilter 3 times and the beading area on 6th Avenue near the New York Public Library. The Strand and the book store in Grand Central were not missed either. Plus, I discovered near Rein's Deli, on the drive down, another fabulous quilting store where I got the pencils. It is Quilting by the Yard on the Hartford Turnpike, in Vernon CT.
        I think this pinwheel journal quilt with no area to rest the eye shows the exhaustion, chaos and excitement of searching out new ideas from books, places and art before I finally get to work in many new directions! In the beginning is chaos, stitched in the ditch, bordered and backed by the wrapped yellow brick road. The dots are my brain and the subway lines you see as well if you click to enlarge.



  1. Your quilt perfectly expresses what you've shared in your comments about your long weekend in NYC. Love the fabric and the combos you made. Checked out the new quilt store that you discovered. They have online ordering, which is nice. I also realize that I should go out to the large quilt store not far from my house and really look at their fabrics. "What a concept!" :-) Will I be able to do anything with them? No! But, I'll at least know that they are there. :-)

  2. Hi, Linda. My Google Account still doesn't work.
    I loved the jumble of pencils and the subway lines. I looked for the places we went when we were together in NYC. Too lovely!

  3. Just checking to see how easy it is to comment with Anonymous! LH

  4. I agree with Joe (was it Joe?) who opined that this was one of your best! Truly! It beautifully ( to quote you) captures the excitement, chaos, and exhaustion of the creative endeavor AND of NYC! I am amazed at your energy and your output. You'll hear from The Material Mavens (if the steering committee likes the name as well as I do!) today via Skype, and I can assure you that I will have shown them this 12x12 quilt as one of the projects for your local group. Keep up the super good work!

  5. Love this. It's exactly where I am in the new writing project. My mind is like a terrier chasing rabbits--a new trail every minute. This gloriously illustrates what's going on in my mind--right now!

    I'm a July girl too.

  6. This looks like I imagine CREATION itself beginning and then forming and meaning something that is continally creative and creating. GREAT LOOK ! - Yes, LH, ANONYMOUS is an easy way to comment. ss