Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Where in the World: Wonderland

   My ultra creative quilt guild where I am quite the newbie, has a quilt challenge fund raiser. Since the size must be under 20" on each side, I thought I could try. Mother said I could do anything, and I naively have always believed her despite evidence to the contrary.
click to enlarge

   The topic is "Where in the World," real or fantasy, the thought being to bring in many cultures but not to limit. I imagined I would make unfolding postcards from my youth and fuse fabric showing themes from Africa, Rain Forest, Japan, Mexico, spring or the circus. Joe thought the Jackrabbit postcards (cowboys atop) from his summers would fit the bill. The Alice fabrics I had on hand seemed manageable for a first attempt. With no pattern, I just started cutting and making a zillion mistakes, but nothing ventured. If I don't chicken out, I will make a big cup and saucer shaped hanging for the same images. Now I wonder how much to quilt besides the edges.
    What I have learned: Make a serious pattern on card or poster board before starting. Use freezer paper and fusible fabric between image and turned pillow case of front, back and batting. Do a little basting. Will I ever learn?


  1. You prove your mother right over and over and over again. Keep us "postcarded" on this.

    I have all the postcards my dad sent me when I was small. You are making me think!

  2. I enlarged but couldn't tell if there was quilting within the postcards--I think not. If not, my advice would be to do some minimal quilting, perhaps just outlining the major figures in each card. This is a most innovative interpretation, I think, of the clever theme of "Where in the World?" Where in the world is Alice? Why, she's in Wonderland!

  3. That is truly wonderful fabric and just perfect for this project. The gold rickrack/ricrac - yes, those of us who don't sew look up things like that :-)adds just the perfect spark to the whole piece. Can't wait to see the big cup & saucer shaped one.

  4. So clever - as usual. I love your interpretation with Alice in Wonderland. Let us know the reaction of your group. I think they will be amazed - AND IMPRESSED.

  5. I am also eager to see the cup and saucer shape. I love each Alice picture. The unfolding postcard effect is original and can be done with a lot of themes. Where in the World is a stimulating topic. It could be applied to many blogs.

  6. I have since free motion quilted around all the figures, clouds and brush and am trying to decide how to use the fabulous buttons that are playing cards and hears, diamonds, spades and clubs. Decisions, decisions!