Monday, April 18, 2011

Hannah's 7th: a quilted card

    Hannah turned seven and celebrated with friends at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston After creating a birthday banner, the group broke into two groups and the princesses sashayed off to look at four entirely different areas of the MFA which touched on royalty, returning after the tour, questions and answers to make copper pendants, have story time and dessert. Guests left with big 3D plaster royal cupcakes and paint palette in a bag. Some parents chaperoned and enjoyed the museum afterwards.The interns were fabulous and the project age appropriate. I was staggered by the new museum.
Hannah is seven and a sewer (click to enlarge)
    If I remember, I try to make the girls a journal quilt for their birthday. This was a close call. I am making challenge quilts involving Alice and Wonderland, and Hannah has that long blond hair. I fused "her," cut out the figure, and took her to my stash. The two background fabrics fell into my lap. I lightly quilted all, placing a bright erratic pink polka dot on the back after the batting. I free motion wrote, "Hannah is seven and a sewer."
     Hannah is proud of the sewing she has learned this year, embroidery and Sashiko. She wants to make a quilt. Alas, she is moving.Whereas I was going to make "her" with wings, carrying my heart, I sewed the heart onto the pocket here and we drove it by to her tonight with CDs of her birthday party to enjoy and send to her other grandmother.  I also included a CD of her making the origami bird available at YouTube. For her birthday I gave her A Book of Artageous Projects by Klutz in collaboration with the Metropolitan Museum of Art that I bought locally.



  1. What an extraordinary birthday for Hannah and for everyone priviliged to be there ! I can tell that Hannah has been so inspired by her Lin Lin that she will be sewing and making Artageous projects non-stop, and the mails and emails and skypes will be showing the results from state to state.

  2. The journal quilt for Hannah is absolutely beautiful. The background material sets off "Hannah in Wonderland" perfectly. The spools of thread speak to her keen interest in sewing and to all that Lin Lin has taught her. I got teary eyed about the heart on the pocket. You all have developed such wonderful relationships with your grandchildren. Those and the wonderful memories bind you all together in special ways. You will have to be intentional about seeing them after they move. It will be well worth it for all of you!

  3. The museum party was a wonderful idea! I wish I could have been an intern at Hannah's party.
    What fun! Hannah makes a lovely 'Alice.' Your profile of Alice is just right. I love it!

  4. All the rave comments that came before this were right on! This is a lovely journal quilt, and I know that Hannah will treasure it always. She is such a fortunate little girl to have had you so close for her first 7 years, and I like Rosemary can hardly bear the idea of their moving away and thus not having such frequent visits with you. But they are not going far--within driving distance! Think how far I am from my grandchildren and count yourself very fortunate.