Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Milestone Marking: more fabric postcards

Fabric Postcards (click to enlarge)
   Martha wrote from Amarillo that she would be 95 last Friday. She still drives her younger friends, is the same size when she married, and plays bridge with people my age. I hope she will pass on her secret. After I post this blog, I will write her a long letter, but I got off her birthday fabric postcard along with four others today.
   Martha's cake sports a 95, music and a suggestion of long life from the fortune cookie. Andreas, a teen who fell off a 30-foot cliff and only broke a leg, thank goodness, has fortune cookies that mention his magnetic personality and his long life. I cut those two from unused quilted blocks I made at workshop, but had not put into a quilt. My teen neighbor Lloyd brought over a chocolate artist's palette and brush he found in Exeter as a birthday gift, so he gets a thank-you. And belatedly I am thanking Liz for the gold thread she gave me for my needlepoint. Last, but not least, is a card for Georgia whose birthday and 50th anniversary come up this month. I LOVE milestones. More reasons to celebrate, to craft!
   Cut a piece of flannel and a front and a back fabric with rotary cutters, each 4 1/2 inches x 6 1/2 inches. Put the front and back right sides together, and the flannel below. Stitch 1/4-inch around except for 2 inches at one end where one will turn out after clipping the corners. Iron, then sew 1/8 inch all around. I use white thread and color appropriately with fine Sharpie permanent markers. I use a gel pen to address as it does not run. I have a "postcard" stamp and I adhere self-adhesive stamps, rubbing them in firmly and take to the US Post Office to be hand-cancelled. The Post Office people always smile big and the cards have always arrived, locally overnight.


  1. I love them all and the fabrics as always are fabulous! What a treat for the recipients.

  2. I'm thinking. I've got to do something to deserve one of your cards. But what? Don't tell me. I'll come up with something one of these days.

  3. Share Martha's secrets with us. She - and they -will love your postcards. I can just imagine the looks on the happy Mail PEOPLE'S FACES,too.

  4. I'm going to start with the latest post and work back! Love these fabric postcards! Your friend Martha sounds like a super woman and I, too, would love to know her secrets. I've yet to hear either from my great nieces or my granddaughter if they ever received the postcards I sent all 3 to their camps, but maybe when I see Lia soon in CO at bro Joe's place (leaving Saturday) I'll hear about hers then! Now on to more posts!