Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hannah Flips: a journal quilt

Hannah Flips (click to enlarge)

   When I received a Flip video camera for my birthday, I was eager to film Hannah in a stop-action movie I had viewed when first searching movies on iTunes. It was an old black and white movie that I have not been able to relocate. I was so excited by the results of 29 seconds, this had to be the journal quilt for last week.
    I have made an abstract of the Flip with a girl presenting a flower. The drawings are quilted on the side: and all will make sense to those who have viewed the video A Flower for LinLin
in my posting of Wednesday, August 4, 2010, a treat!


  1. What an absolutely beautiful and perfect journal quilt to celebrate your first Flip video. The flower fairy is such a pretty "Hannah" presenting the flowers to LinLin.

  2. I love the fairy motif. The way you coordinated the greens: lovely. Does the red dot represent the 'on' button of the camera?

  3. Yes, it does make sense, having seen the video! Love this!

  4. Definitely makes sense ...It's all so whimsical, and I love the green background.