Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Party Postcards and Comic Life

On July 20 I will be a year older, and at this point I seem to be celebrating all month. Today, my good friend, an artist, took me to Fugaku for our annual birthday lunch, cake and presents.

With my recent foray into no-sew postcards (see June 29 posting) , I had Kathy's thank-you note in the mail a few hours later. The Post Office seems to get excited to see my fabric cards when I go to have them hand-canceled. I bought a self-adhesive stamp and rubbed it in, however slightly crooked. I said, "You would think I could put it on straight," and the post-mistress said, "That is why I gave it to you to do!" :*) Anyway, she put a pretty red cancellation stamp on the fabric postcard, and it is on its way to my artist hostess. P.S. I think it is a good sign I didn't have to review how I made the cards before.

To show all the images at once, I downloaded Comic Life, a software program that is fun to use. This version is for Snow Leopard on my Mac, and I have much to learn. (click on the collage to enlarge)


  1. Brilliant idea to use Comic Life! Love that program, and now of course I will follow your lead and make a Comic for...well, whatever. Maybe make one for Lia at camp!

  2. This collage is fabulous! You captured the day perfectly and shared it with all of us by using Comic Life. You included so many significant things about the two of you, and the pictures complete with cartoon dialogue balloons were the crowning touch.

  3. July is great month for a birthday. Enjoy! It's good to be back with you!