Friday, July 16, 2010

Wreck Miss: a journal quilt

Last Friday we drove to New York City; and highways were packed with cars, probably returnees from a long July 4th holiday. A car in front of us in the fast lane went out of control, moved across the other crowded lanes as all dodged it, into a guard rail, spun around and went a forceful head-first into the ditch. Debris was thrown onto my windshield. We phoned 911 and articulated the exact location. In the city I became more conscious of the zooming cars and less fearful of flying.

In the New York we swooned dining at La Bonne Soupe near MOMA; saw the Otto Dix show and ate Austrian goodies at the Neue Gallery close to the Metropolitan Museum; and viewed the Charles Burchfield watercolors at the Whitney. Of course, I did not miss The City Quilter on 24th. A drive back through New York State and western Massachusetts was much prettier and calmer.


  1. Loved the links!!! Didn't love thinking about the wreck, though the material was certainly apropos. After seeing a wreck myself that week-end, the journal quilt struck a scarey chord in me. --- Love thinking about all you did in The City, though :).

  2. You find the most amazing fabrics that are so absolutely perfect for events you're highlighting. So glad you all are okay & am hoping for the best for those in that car. Your weekend was filled with such fun, delicious, inspiring events. Thanks for sharing it with us and for including the links.

  3. Yes, I agree with Rosemary--wonderful fabrics. Of course, I have such fond memories of getting some of that taxicab fabric myself at the wonderful City Quilter! What fun we had! Like Sherron, being reminded of the scary wreck makes my stomach clutch a bit for you; so thankful you and Joe were okay! You did a super job of capturing that frightening experiece.

  4. What a close call! Your journal quilt is great.
    Makes one remember to drive carefully, carefully. But it also makes us realize that there is an element of luck in arriving safely.