Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fast work: Postcard journal quilt, Dora summer dress

Sometimes you like to surprise people. You want to make something to thank. This week, as you know, I made 8 quick fabric postcards and mailed; and they arrived the next day in the Boston area. I don't know yet if they arrived in foreign posts. I had found this postcard fabric on my last visit to The City Quilter in NYC, often arriving in the city at Penn Station (I wish Jackie could have saved it as she saved Grand Central), relatively convenient to son's home. I wanted to post this journal quilt before beading today.

Also, I want to show you the quick summer dress I made after my grandchild's date with me. I wanted to take her to my haunts, a quilt store and bead shop and then create something. We found the Dora fabric (as well as Minnie Mouse and Fancy Nancy) all smocked, sold by the inch, and needing only ONE stitch from hem to top to make it ready to wear. Double fortunately, we found a one yard remnant, also 50% off. When we got home I stitched it up (still too big) and then went in another inch and it held up own its on. Erika wanted straps, so I pulled out some yellow bias tape, quickly stitched the sides, took a fitting and finished the piece which she wore to the neighborhood park concert last night where she climbed and ran around while I was instructed on U2's music. (click on both photos to view larger)


  1. Fun quilt, Fun dress and grandaughter,Fun blog - YOU ARE FUN, LINDA.

  2. Ericka's yellow socks (?) just match her dress. With her dark hair, lovely! So sweet!
    Everytime I see your yummy cupcakes my heart zings, or maybe it is a saliva surge. Or both. Your postcard arrangement with Penn Station(s)is so photogenic (is that the right word? artistic, maybe). Thanks, Linda.

  3. As a recipient of one of those fabulous fabric postcards that was sent with love & good wishes from you for my birthday today, I can attest to the joy that sort of special gift brings. Thank you, Linda, for sharing your talents and your love so generously with all of us. Erika's dress is so cute and so is she!

  4. Love the dress and the quilt! Granddaughter Lia and I made a similar dress this past spring when we were in CA. I don't know if I ever sent any pictures of it! we used ribbons for the straps and then really cute lady bug buttons at the front and back attachment places--just decorative, not truly "working" buttons! Oh, and Lia went through a passionate "Dora" stage, too, when she was much younger! She recently included a Halloween picture of her dressed as Dora and Locke as Dora's friend Boots in a journal she wrote for school about her family.