Thursday, October 17, 2019

Drawing on what interests you

      Recently I ran across a favorite book about Joan Brown, a California artist who painted her life. I LOVE  her catalog and that cover with images drawn from her every day! Many artists paint or draw what is going on in their lives. It is what interests them. It is not necessarily boring, trite, or unimaginative...not just a face as mine often are. That made me study two paintings that flank our king size bed, paintings from 15 years ago. I remember when the target image was hanging in a show in Cambridge, another grandmother walked in and burst out laughing when she saw it, ringing some truth to her experience.

      Another self-portrait hanging in the bedroom in a corner is this one painted on a fabric of brown values. I like to study  the lights to darks, clarity. I also wonder how I painted it so neat! Painting self-portraits is so much fun and I too often avoid doing so because uninformed people think it is a bit narcistic. It is not. The subject is an inexpensive handy model, a vehicle for self exploration. It allows role playing, intimate work, a landscape and media exploration.I encourage grands and friends also. Sometimes they draw me while I draw them.An effective artist shouldn't worry about what people think!

     This week I picked up a couple of books with ideas I am enjoying, both of which had helpful surprises for me and I have read lots of books. See photos below: The Drawing Ideas Book and Find Your Artistic Voice. Enjoy!


  1. My first comment had a typo and I couldn't seem to fix it! I don't think I've ever seen that brown portrait. The book sounds good--sounds as if people who journal with words not just drawing or painting could get ideas from it. I love to see your paintings and to learn their back stories!

    1. You are very correct. Any creative artist could profit