Thursday, May 31, 2018

Always a beginner in painting

      Sketchbooks are a great place to start over again. I often keep one on the breakfast table along w scissors and glue to cut up the newspaper, pencils and pen for the mini puzzle and some colors for when inspired by a photo or idea. In the sketchbook is where I found my cow in the sky for a recent painting (see last month's blog post). The steer was better in the sketchbook. I worked on the painting again today Don't laugh, but I wondered if cows in their anxiety have a cow in the sky for solace.Also, I think I finished another painting of that Palo Duro sunflower. I always wondered why artists painted the same subject over and over. Now to get Joe to frame those paintings as he did Paula's today! Joe finished the day to go a book reading by Steve Almond (author Bad Stories); and I took off for a class at the Apple store for painting with Procreate on the iPad.

     I had fun throwing on the paint for the sunflower, thickening the sky. I wanted to paint some rain for the Panhandle but went for a clear sky. The painting is not quite so dark as this. Then I looked at the sketchbook cow to make the one in the painting better, but I still have work to go. This guy is just wonderful. In no time, Joe made a frame for Paula's painting of her dancing with son at his wedding. It is probably a surprise for him so SHHHH. Jean and Neal I achieved quickly with Procreate, the fabulous painting program on the iPad. It is a lot of fun and the classes "Today at Apple" are free.


  1. I continue to be in awe of your talent as an artist, whether it be with paint or pencil or whatever! It's for sure, I suppose, that visual artists just continue to grow and get better and better! Not so, I think, (perhaps!) with writing "artists"! Sometimes their early work is vastly better than that completed as elderly ones. (Don't ask me to give examples; I might be totally wrong!)
    But anyway, I love seeing everything you've posted here! Love the cow in the sky and the way you've sketched Joe and so totally captured him--amazing!

  2. Hi Alice, THANKs for getting to the blog. That Procreate drawing of Neal is not Joe, but Jeanie also thought it was Joe and Neal is her husband!! I guess the two men have similar shapes in common now that both of you have made me look more closely. In Procreate, you can drag a photo into a layer and sketch or paint over it for such much fun and accuracy is usually guaranteed.

  3. I'm late with my comment but most appreciative. I miss lots about the Panhandle scenery and relish your painting. In this one--THE SKY--oh! how I do miss and remember that endless Panhandle sky--and then at last the horizon!

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