Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Up in Smoke: my February post

     Deadlines surround in February and March. I missed my February blog posting yesterday by one day, but I finished rebuilding my lost website to renew it and my domain name, just in time.

      Up in Smoke is a bigger painting (24" x 30") I started this past month in my house fire series. I have had a devil of a time working out what to do with this montage to keep it simple. But today I stopped the clock, gave myself no more time and made it publishable today. All for my blog! A blog is an impetus to create regularly, in my case once a month. A blog is also a place to store one's work for free. I am one day late.

     The paint is not dry yet, so the oils will settle to make it look better. I will surely work on it more, since a photo helps one see more clearly what needs work! You can see the loss and resilience of art.

       Months ago, my website disappeared from my computer on an overnight visit to the Apple Store, but the old software remained. The site remained up on the Internet but I could not add to and subtract. 

         Using the old software, I hopefully totally rebuilt my website from scratch, made a few additions and visited Go Daddy to renew my domain name, (don't forget the word "web" after my name) and GoDaddy's hosting for 3 years. I can add and subtract paintings to the site on my own, whenever, with no more expense.

      When painting, I often borrow from art history, this time from the great London fire. Also, an IBM ad I saw this morning gave me the idea for the dollar bills floating into oblivion. I had planned to have flying papers symbolizing the nightmare of insurance claims, but the fleeting dollar bills were more fun.

      Last night I found some old photos of the destroyed studio taken after I got Ikea chests to hold my art supplies. Now I can visit the old place nostalgically. In the first photo you can view the circuit breaker box in the closet where I first saw flames that looked like angel wings. Arcing filled the room. Smoke gathered quickly. It was good I forgot how to use the fire extinguisher in the kitchen since it is the wrong kind for an electrical fire! The table beyond the easel reveals that back then I was into encaustic painting. Must do some more soon. I found an electric grill that would be perfect. Always new beginnings! Things are moving along fine. Blessed.



  1. I so admire how you are so faithful to posting your blog each month! Don't worry about being a day late. Most people were confused that today was the first day of March already! I can't wait to see the finished painting!

    1. Thank you old loyal friend, first to comment. Lunch places nearby. Ah to indulge.

  2. Your blog is great, and you are not the only one March 1 sneaked up on! I've said, "is that today?" Twice already.

    Your loyalty to posting inspires me. "Maybe, maybe March" she says alliteratively.

  3. Sooo glad to see that you are finally "healing" from the fire in your house. And, I LOVE the painting that you've done depicting the fire. Those chests from IKEA really brightened the room and were no doubt perfect for storing things. Perhaps you can find some more chests at IKEA that will be just right for where you'll be painting now.

  4. Well, you are certainly putting yourself into your work -- as always. I love your hands. Sad that your money is going up in smoke too. I am glad that you were able to get onto your blog. Congratulations! KB-B

  5. Your dollars going up in smoke...very good metaphorically. Your old studio - looks so good. You'll have a better one
    by and by.

  6. Terry G. Puckett: I like your fire a lot. Fire is hard to paint. You have depicted it with symbolism and emotion. No little wonder, after what you have experienced

  7. Adrienne Robinson : what a monumental job. Amazing that you are able to do it!

  8. A great posting. I'll say more when I feel better! Still sick and running fever!

  9. A very strong painting, Linda. Pared down to the basics. Glad you have eerything up and running; you seem to be back on your feet, which is good. Processing all that loss takes time and energy -- you have both, I think. Glad to see your blog again.